>Oh I almost made it. To the street before the light turned yellow. I probably could have made it across the street but since there was only one car I just waited.

Today we got our raise and with the back pay I ended up with a double paycheck. When I saw that on the computer this morning I was positively giddy. I opened a second checking account to use for selling online. I finally got around to posting Sarah’s dolls, but I need to find out how much they weigh. I decided to list them on e-bay since I couldn’t find a way to sell them on amazon

Bad idea

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to have oatmeal, salad and popcorn on the same day when I am not used to it, or maybe it was the grapes that gave me diarrhea. I really hate having such a problem in a public bathroom. Someone in the next stall kept flushing the toilet, I kept thinking it won’t help I’m the stinky one. Then I have to wait for everyone to leave. Cause anyone in there would know what was going on!

Ok, so now I have to leave.

I made it this evening. Probably cause I thought it was going to rain down buckets on me. I need to go track my food and read more posts cause I haven’t read all of them. I listed all three dolls and was told I was charging too much for shipping. The dolls are going to be hard to ship. We will see what happens. If they don’t sell on e-bay, I will list them on Craig’s List. I am not done by a long shot.