>Yes, I know I am only supposed to weigh once a week, but this am I was 140.2 pounds. I am going in the right direction!

My boss has been bugging me for the address of this blog, so I sent him the old address. Then when I got home I changed it again. He and that other guy have taken all the fun from doing this.

When I was on the train, I had to carry everything in my right arm because my left shoulder is really starting to hurt bad, then the train jerked and I grabbed a seat to keep from falling, I grabbed it with my left arm, of course, so now it really hurts.

Well, so much for being O.P., I ate a big oatmeal raisin cookie from Zaros and then a Klondike bar when I got home. The two oldest boys were on the couch eating Klondike bars. They were eating them in unison, so I told them they looked like monkeys. Stitch looked up at me and started smacking his lips, Tigger scratched his armpit. I sent him a text when I got downstairs asking him if this was why he didn’t send me text messages, he would rather pretend to be a monkey with his brother? He said, who’s pretending?

My bad stomach ache that I had the other day is back with it complimentary digestive system problem. So I am going to lie down for a minute.