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>Silly me

>I went to Target to get powder for my sore feet and medicine for my sore tummy. Tigger and Stitch wanted Hugs. Hershey Hugs. Anyway, I ended up buying two books. Can’t figure out why, I have plenty to read. They just intrigued me. One is Promise Not To Tell and the other is Island of Lost Girls, both are by Jennifer McMahon.

When I got home, Tigger had to get a Bella hug before he could have his Hershey Hugs. He said both were good. Fred also got a Bella hug and some Hershey Hugs.


>When I looked in the train window and saw only a few people I knew we had a hot car, when I stood at the door and felt the heat blasting me, I wondered if they were blasting heat into the car. I found a seat next to a normal looking guy, but I think that was the only normal thing about him.

Later when I heard the sad news about someone’s pregnancy, my mind went back in time 27 years when my mother took my sister-in-law to the hospital and I was not allowed to go, after all I was only 18. To a friend who stated that was why she didn’t want to get pregnant, a friend who subsequently went on fertility meds to get pregnant and now has four children.

Now I am done.