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>Back to work

>I am trying to send this text while eating but it is not easy for me to text with one hand, I just was hungry so I am scarfing down this sandwich while trying to type this. I used to write weird things I saw in my journal so here are 2.

Black woman wearing blue bra under yellow top,

rose petals in the tunnel to the 7 train.

OK so the black woman with the yellow top and blue bra is not so weird in New York City, but where did the rose petals come from? Did I mention they were big petals and dark red? Like the kind you buy for someone you love? I mean you buy red roses for people you love, not just the petals.

I just posted my first review on Shelfari. It was fun, like posting here is fun. I wrote it on the book Property, which I didn’t really care for. I think I need to check back with Booktalk because Melva and I kind of have a conversation going on.


Going to Chicago today

no, not the city, the rock band. The whole family is going. I really hope my tummy settles down. I hate feeling like I am going to puke. Riding in the van is going to make it worse.

In a few minutes I have to get ready for the meeting. When I post this I am going to check the WW site and then get dressed. I will be back later.

I don’t know if I got the address right I can’t really check right now. We are waiting to go into the concert area and I am hot. It is very muggy and I can’t walk around so I am so bored. Stitch brought a book and M told me I had to stay here with him so besides being hot I am also getting mad.

More from Bethel Woods

We have moved, we are on the grass in front of the stage where the band is going to be. M keeps running off and so I am stuck here while she goes off wherever she goes. At least I get to use the towel I bought at Kohl’s. I wonder if I will get to have a drink later. They are teasing us they keep playing ‘Saturday’ but just the first word

More from Bethel Woods

The opening act has started. I wonder if The Doobie Brothers or Chicago will be first. We bought t-shirts and Tigger actually took off his Hawaiian shirt and put the Chicago shirt on. Okay opening act is done, time for the main acts.

The Doobie Brothers was first, when they finished, I got up to go to the bathroom, when I came out it was raining, by the time I got back to where our seats were, it was pouring, it was so bad I couldn’t find the rest of the group. Chicago was playing, and one of the band members mentioned, We got a bad weather warning so everyone please come under the pavilion, because this show is going on! And it was great, even if I was wet and with the wind cold and because I was standing I was having cramps. Now I am home and the cramps are still kicking me, so I have to go to bed now. I also ended up with two shirts, I got one at one stand but wasn’t crazy about it. M told me about one she saw at another stand, I got it thinking I could give the first one I bought to Fred, but when I looked at it again, it is too feminine for him. So now I have two Chicago shirt, I really didn’t want two shirts. Maybe Gwen will take it.

>Too hot to sleep

>My mother used to say, its not the heat its the humidity, and she is right, it is not so much it is hot but that I can’t breathe the air. I have clothes in the washer to take care up, but I have committed to posting everyday here. This will be a short post, I am tired, my period didn’t start and I feel like I am about to throw up.

This morning Gwen and I went to C’s. They have no air conditioning, there were not a lot of people there, so it wasn’t too bad, but still, when we got in my car to leave, we both needed to use the inhaler.

Today was graduation, so Tigger was out in this nasty weather. I felt bad for him so before he got home I got his MP3 player and put the soundtrack for Wall-E on it. That reminds me, I need to put my Pepsi points in. I have a whole cup full of bottle caps. Stitch treated all of us to Olive Garden, the waitress looked at him and said, “You were in my music history class.” That happens a lot when Stitch goes out. A lot of college students work at restaurants.

I am going to sign off now and put my aching head and tummy to bed, after I hang up my clothes that is.

>Road closed

>I left home to catch the 6:33 with 15 minutes to get there, plenty of time. Unless there is construction on Fishkill Ave and it is completely blocked off after DDs, which was the case this morning. So I turned around, drove to Red Schoolhouse Road, took it to Rt 9D to the train station and caught the 6:33, only because it got in at 6:35. The train is ‘light’ today, I wonder if that will be the case going home.

Today I am wearing my Cleo Crocs. My little toes on each foot are taped up and I had to put a new band-aid on the blister on my left bunion, my left foot does not like the Cyprus crocs at all.

After going to four stores I finally found Laffy Taffy for Tigger. I put it in the gray cabinet so he will be sure to find it.

This morning I bought some Crows at Rite Aid, at the same time I was buying more band-aids and tape for my feet and Tums. I tried throwing them out, but just fished the box out. The candy was still in the box, and it is my personal trash so I am eating them. I took care of the Crows, I dumped them out of the box into the trash can now I definitely won’t eat them.

So I just had 4 slices of Canadian Bacon for lunch, Monday I start journaling in earnest, I will keep track on here. I am also going to start posting my weight here. I have to get serious, its not just the clothes.

The kids went to see ‘Wall-E’ today, of Tigger now wants the music. I said ‘No’, he cried in a text, you know he added the animated bear with water running down his face. I still said ‘No’, said I wouldn’t because I wanted to see it but didn’t get to, of course, I just downloaded it for him.

>I added this

>To my other blog and it has the update date all wrong. So I am just jumping in here to see if this changes it. I will be back later to talk more.

So I will not be able to blog at lunchtime. I will be back tonight. Have to find some paper to write notes today.

I combined my posts, I didn’t find any paper so I wrote nothing down to blog here. I tried to find the candy store so I could get Now-N-Later or LaffyTaffy for Tigger but I forgot to write the addresses down.

I joined this neat website called shelfari, you list all the books you have read or want to read and then you can comment on them. Neat! Now, I just need to send out friend requests so I can talk to people. As you can see, I added a Shelfari shelf to my blog, how cool is that! Now I don’t have to copy all the titles and save the covers to keep the list updated. So I really need to go to bed now. I pulled all the books out from under my bed and put them on the website. Found a couple that I bought and never finished. I will have to do more tomorrow.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you my Croc shopping ordeal is not over. I went online to and the shoes I want in the the color I want are not in my size. Pffft.

>Taking a break

>not just to write this but also because my stomach is not happy. It is feeling like it felt yesterday when I decided to stay home. So now I am wondering what I should do. I am drinking as much water as possible hoping that will settle my stomach.

I have to order ink for someone and it is a complicated process because he is a monitor and so his supplies are paid for out of another fund. I have to go now, I am having trouble sending this message from Live.

I left work at 1:00 p.m. I wanted to get those red shoes from the Crocs store. Well, they didn’t have red, so I walked to the other store, but I walked through Central Park instead of just down the street. It was kind of nice, lots of trees and squirrels and native New Yorkers. I tried not to look to see if they were going native. I also browsed through the Strand a little. Didn’t see anything really interesting.

Then I got to the other store, one employee was yelling at another so I avoided eye contact and looked through the Crocs on display, one pair in the style I was looking for, it was my size, and it was PINK! No thank-you. So I will order them.

The photo album came. I will take it to work tomorrow and then give it to Gwen. After all that walking and my stomach feeling like it has, I did not go to the meeting. In fact the only ones that went were Stitch and Tigger. It is so nice that he can drive now.

Now I am going to bed, I am trying not to stay up past midnight. I was asleep on the train coming to work and going home.

Hello again.

How r u

Gwen and I were in the park when I sent that. I wanted to say more, but she didn’t want to sit where we were anymore, so I just sent that short message.

Today I stayed home from work, not real sick, just had a crampy kind of stomach this morning and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle the morning commute. When I felt better I got up and walked to DD’s for breakfast. Tigger gave me the idea, he sent me a text saying he was at DD’s and had ‘saved’ three fishes. This was the first thing I saw when I came upstairs though, this cat being scratched by Stitch. He says Abigail has problems, but he’s the one that kept scratching her belly.

So I walked to DD’s. Then, since I didn’t feel like going home, I walked to the park, unfortunately it started raining. So when I got to the park, I went to Ron’s instead and called the house to have Stitch come get me. Fred answered the phone, and when I said “Have Stitch come get me its raining”, he said “OK” and hung up. I kept my phone out, in a little while, Gwen called to find out where I was so Stitch could come get me.

Gwen and I went to Dick’s for Crocs, she got a different pair than the picture I posted below. She was saying that the styles she likes are in ugly colors. I picked up a pair of dark blue with a light blue sole, and said, “This is a pretty color.” She tried them on and they fit, so I bought them for her and she put them on in the car. Then she stated she needed “Paint chips” to decide what color to paint her end table. Right now it has carousel horses and she wants it to look not so little girl. So we went to Lowes for paint colors, then we went to Target for garbage bags and candy for Tigger, we kind of promised him candy if he would take a picture of Sarah’s new lamp so we could match the color, then we couldn’t find the kind he likes. While at Target, we saw gift cards and decided to get one for Fred, who is having his moving up ceremony tonight. When we came home, a semi-truck was hung up on tracks and we couldn’t get in. Gwen suggested we park across the street, I didn’t think she meant we could park and walk across, I am pretty stupid sometimes, so we went to the park, parked in the picnic area because there was a bad smell in the parking lot and walked to Ron’s. Then I mentioned we could park across the street and walk home. Gwen said, yeah, that’s what I meant.

M asked Gwen and I to cash in coins for Fred’s Cold Stone Cake, we took them to Hannaford’s to use the coinstar machine there.

M, Gwen and I went to the moving up ceremony for Fred’s class, so many kids screamed when Fred’s name was called out, I couldn’t believe it. More than for Tigger. After the ceremony I took M and Fred to Vereens for Bible Study, Gwen came home with me, she had headache from being in the theater. After they got home we ate ice cream cake and watched a Spencer DVD.

Muggy day

It is one of those ugh muggy days. I am still trying to break in my Cyprus Crocs and I still have a spot on my foot, left foot-the bunion that is painful. So I should probably give up but I really like the way they look so I am sticking with it for now. I am going to get another pair soon. Gwen would yell at me for doing this while walking but I really don’t want to stop at the park today. I think it is going to rain soon and I am hungry. M and I might go see Chicago.

That is a really disjointed post. It’s what happens when I type e-mails on my phone while walking. I inspected my foot and there is a blister on my bunion. I will have to put a band-aid on it and tape over the band-aid. When the blister heals the shoes will be fine. I am still buying another pair, red and a different style, the one on the left, except where the picture is magenta, mine will be silver and where the picture is white mine will be red, Gwen is getting a silver pair, pictured on the right and she is getting this color. When we were in Washington, she saw this style and liked it, but the store only had a pink color she didn’t like. I am planning on walking to the Crocs store on Wednesday and buying them. If they don’t have both shoes in the colors I want, I will order them from the website. I got these pictures from the website. I have been having trouble with the site so I have to save what I have typed just in case.

OK so I couldn’t publish my post I will have to save it in a word document.

When I said M and I might go to see Chicago, I meant the band, not the show. Anyway, it is going to be all of use. You have to buy a block of 4 tickets to get the special price, so D ordered 2 blocks, so everyone can go with one extra. It is this Sunday, June 29, 2008. Yes of course I will post. Probably not pictures, they probably don’t allow you to take pictures. Maybe if I buy pictures I will scan them and post them.

Slept late

very late today. They were even looking for me on the WW thread! M went to the store and bought a torch for outside. With the swing, she wanted something to keep the bugs away. Since mosquitoes are the worst, she got a citronella torch. The oil has lemongrass essence in it so it smells nice. I took two pictures. One with my cell phone (on the left) during the day, the other with my camera (on the right) at night when it had been lit. M and Tigger said it looks like the Olympic Torch.

When we went to Target, me for hangers and oatmeal, M for boxes for Gwen and Tigger wanted to check out the Wii, I saw B for the first time. Not at all what I expected. Well, I have to go to bed now. I will be back tomorrow.


and last night I stayed up way to late. I woke up at 9:00, so no Bible Study. Gwen woke me up at 11:00. When I came upstairs, she wanted to go driving. So we went to where I could get coffee, then to get a bagel, then came back home and I let her drive to Ron’s. Then around the park, then I had her pull into the parking lot, into a space and I drove home. When we got home, she went inside and I stayed outside on the swing, just enjoying the air and the feel of the grass blades tickling the bottom of my feet, and she came back outside, which I didn’t want. Then to make things worse, she thumped on the seat and knocked my cup off onto the ground. When I asked her why she thumped on the seat she said, ‘I forgot it moves.’

We were just sitting there, I wasn’t enjoying myself as much, but it was alright. Chucky poked his head out of the foundation for the old shed, I was just about to get a nice picture, when Stitch came outside and scared him back inside. So this is the picture I got. You can kind of see him but it is not as good as the picture I would have got if he hadn’t moved. So then Stitch sat on the swing. Might as well, I had completely forgotten about whatever it was I was thinking about before Gwen came outside. Stitch asked about using my car to go to Bs for more tutoring. B is studying to get his GED. This is good practice for Stitch. He said they were going to work on fractions.

There are 3 kittens living under our deck. Wee little things. While we were on the swing we heard a noise in the strawberry/raspberry patch next to our deck. The kittens were playing in there. Gwen has named them, Sherbet is the lightest colored one, the other two are almost identical, so I suggested Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum, Dee and Dum for short. Stitch and M liked those names better then the Socks and Stockings that Gwen had thought up for them. I managed to get this picture with my cell phone, then I cropped it on my computer. They look like mini Butterscotches, but of course they are not his kittens. He never goes outside and he can’t be a father cat if he did.

Stitch ended up taking my car since M and Fred got back from Ikea and M said she was going to the grocery store and I wanted to go with her. I needed to get cat litter though, so I told him not to be too late. Gwen wanted a new lamp, so I told Stitch be back between 5;30 and 6:00 pm. M and I had Lemon Drop Martinis, after which I went downstairs, Stitch came home, Gwen and I left for (in order) Petco, Lowes and Target. When we left, Tigger was sending text messages to M that he got stung by a wasp on his nose. Incidentally, Stitch didn’t get home by 6:00, not that I said anything since I had fallen asleep. When I got home, D was putting together what M had bought at Ikea and as I was eating dinner she asked me if I would take Tigger to Ron’s because of his bad day. So I did, but because this was my third trip to Ron’s, I didn’t get ice cream.