It is one of those ugh muggy days. I am still trying to break in my Cyprus Crocs and I still have a spot on my foot, left foot-the bunion that is painful. So I should probably give up but I really like the way they look so I am sticking with it for now. I am going to get another pair soon. Gwen would yell at me for doing this while walking but I really don’t want to stop at the park today. I think it is going to rain soon and I am hungry. M and I might go see Chicago.

That is a really disjointed post. It’s what happens when I type e-mails on my phone while walking. I inspected my foot and there is a blister on my bunion. I will have to put a band-aid on it and tape over the band-aid. When the blister heals the shoes will be fine. I am still buying another pair, red and a different style, the one on the left, except where the picture is magenta, mine will be silver and where the picture is white mine will be red, Gwen is getting a silver pair, pictured on the right and she is getting this color. When we were in Washington, she saw this style and liked it, but the store only had a pink color she didn’t like. I am planning on walking to the Crocs store on Wednesday and buying them. If they don’t have both shoes in the colors I want, I will order them from the website. I got these pictures from the website. I have been having trouble with the site so I have to save what I have typed just in case.

OK so I couldn’t publish my post I will have to save it in a word document.

When I said M and I might go to see Chicago, I meant the band, not the show. Anyway, it is going to be all of use. You have to buy a block of 4 tickets to get the special price, so D ordered 2 blocks, so everyone can go with one extra. It is this Sunday, June 29, 2008. Yes of course I will post. Probably not pictures, they probably don’t allow you to take pictures. Maybe if I buy pictures I will scan them and post them.