How r u

Gwen and I were in the park when I sent that. I wanted to say more, but she didn’t want to sit where we were anymore, so I just sent that short message.

Today I stayed home from work, not real sick, just had a crampy kind of stomach this morning and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle the morning commute. When I felt better I got up and walked to DD’s for breakfast. Tigger gave me the idea, he sent me a text saying he was at DD’s and had ‘saved’ three fishes. This was the first thing I saw when I came upstairs though, this cat being scratched by Stitch. He says Abigail has problems, but he’s the one that kept scratching her belly.

So I walked to DD’s. Then, since I didn’t feel like going home, I walked to the park, unfortunately it started raining. So when I got to the park, I went to Ron’s instead and called the house to have Stitch come get me. Fred answered the phone, and when I said “Have Stitch come get me its raining”, he said “OK” and hung up. I kept my phone out, in a little while, Gwen called to find out where I was so Stitch could come get me.

Gwen and I went to Dick’s for Crocs, she got a different pair than the picture I posted below. She was saying that the styles she likes are in ugly colors. I picked up a pair of dark blue with a light blue sole, and said, “This is a pretty color.” She tried them on and they fit, so I bought them for her and she put them on in the car. Then she stated she needed “Paint chips” to decide what color to paint her end table. Right now it has carousel horses and she wants it to look not so little girl. So we went to Lowes for paint colors, then we went to Target for garbage bags and candy for Tigger, we kind of promised him candy if he would take a picture of Sarah’s new lamp so we could match the color, then we couldn’t find the kind he likes. While at Target, we saw gift cards and decided to get one for Fred, who is having his moving up ceremony tonight. When we came home, a semi-truck was hung up on tracks and we couldn’t get in. Gwen suggested we park across the street, I didn’t think she meant we could park and walk across, I am pretty stupid sometimes, so we went to the park, parked in the picnic area because there was a bad smell in the parking lot and walked to Ron’s. Then I mentioned we could park across the street and walk home. Gwen said, yeah, that’s what I meant.

M asked Gwen and I to cash in coins for Fred’s Cold Stone Cake, we took them to Hannaford’s to use the coinstar machine there.

M, Gwen and I went to the moving up ceremony for Fred’s class, so many kids screamed when Fred’s name was called out, I couldn’t believe it. More than for Tigger. After the ceremony I took M and Fred to Vereens for Bible Study, Gwen came home with me, she had headache from being in the theater. After they got home we ate ice cream cake and watched a Spencer DVD.