>To my other blog and it has the update date all wrong. So I am just jumping in here to see if this changes it. I will be back later to talk more.

So I will not be able to blog at lunchtime. I will be back tonight. Have to find some paper to write notes today.

I combined my posts, I didn’t find any paper so I wrote nothing down to blog here. I tried to find the candy store so I could get Now-N-Later or LaffyTaffy for Tigger but I forgot to write the addresses down.

I joined this neat website called shelfari, you list all the books you have read or want to read and then you can comment on them. Neat! Now, I just need to send out friend requests so I can talk to people. As you can see, I added a Shelfari shelf to my blog, how cool is that! Now I don’t have to copy all the titles and save the covers to keep the list updated. So I really need to go to bed now. I pulled all the books out from under my bed and put them on the website. Found a couple that I bought and never finished. I will have to do more tomorrow.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you my Croc shopping ordeal is not over. I went online to Crocs.com and the shoes I want in the the color I want are not in my size. Pffft.