This is the kind of picture Tigger likes to send me. His white foot with a tan leg. I told him now he had a line for amputation, he LOL at that.

I had this enormous message all typed out on my phone and it didn’t send! That is the problem with using my phone, if the message doesn’t send, I totally lose it.

I don’t know if this e-mail system will send, I may just have to save it and send it later. Anyway, I am having lunch in because I am wearing my high-heeled Crocs and didn’t feel like walking. I have plenty of food. Cherries and salad with cheese and canadian bacon and lots and lots of water. Tigger has been sending me messages with his AOL account because he is playing with his PDA.

M.M.s in Permits mother died so they are passing around a card and collecting money. I didn’t give any because the person collecting didn’t know what it was being used for, I told him, I only give money if I know where it is going, and he said OK, didn’t seem to be bothered. Anyway, I should go eat the rest of my lunch now. I am going to save this, try to send it and copy it to my GW e-mail and send it here. Just in case.

Well it worked, I don’t have to copy and paste from my e-mail account I just have to go to my e-mail and delete it. I also have to find out how to print to D.s printer. He said I could, but I have no idea how to do it.

When I got home, Fred was on the swing, so here is our new swing.