>Yes REALLY, I have been feeling so bad, I completely forgot what weekend this was, my weekend to feel bad. Yes that weekend. Anyway, I managed to watch NCIS, had to restart it several times. But I managed it and it was a sad episode. And the team is split up. Well, Abby, Ducky and Palmer are still there. Abby has a really cool ringtone for her phone. Now I have to go take care of laundry.

I am sitting here, well I shouldn’t say sitting here, I am sort of reclining waiting for laundry to be done. Gwen’s laundry in the dryer and mine in the washer, anyway, the dryer just buzzed so I have to go.

Day is over and I have to go to sleep. Lots to do tomorrow, Tuesday I leave for Washington. I am taking my laptop with me but don’t know if I will be able to post from my parents house. I will be sending e-mails from my phone of course. Tigger said he was going to send me text messages all day long. We will see, M was threatening to take away his phone because of his recent behavior.

After the meeting M took the kids to Allsport so she could work out and they could swim. She called me to let me know they were coming home and did I want to go to the grocery store with her, D got home before they did, so M told him we were going to the store to get stuff to go with the chicken. Tigger wanted fries, for instance, so M had to get them. He said “OK”, well actually he kind of grumbled it, then we got in the car to go. M says, “Men pout a lot.” Since I don’t have a man, I didn’t know what to say, so I just went UH huh. So now, I am going to bed. Bye Bye

I really like these Emoticons