>not just to write this but also because my stomach is not happy. It is feeling like it felt yesterday when I decided to stay home. So now I am wondering what I should do. I am drinking as much water as possible hoping that will settle my stomach.

I have to order ink for someone and it is a complicated process because he is a monitor and so his supplies are paid for out of another fund. I have to go now, I am having trouble sending this message from Live.

I left work at 1:00 p.m. I wanted to get those red shoes from the Crocs store. Well, they didn’t have red, so I walked to the other store, but I walked through Central Park instead of just down the street. It was kind of nice, lots of trees and squirrels and native New Yorkers. I tried not to look to see if they were going native. I also browsed through the Strand a little. Didn’t see anything really interesting.

Then I got to the other store, one employee was yelling at another so I avoided eye contact and looked through the Crocs on display, one pair in the style I was looking for, it was my size, and it was PINK! No thank-you. So I will order them.

The photo album came. I will take it to work tomorrow and then give it to Gwen. After all that walking and my stomach feeling like it has, I did not go to the meeting. In fact the only ones that went were Stitch and Tigger. It is so nice that he can drive now.

Now I am going to bed, I am trying not to stay up past midnight. I was asleep on the train coming to work and going home.