>My mother used to say, its not the heat its the humidity, and she is right, it is not so much it is hot but that I can’t breathe the air. I have clothes in the washer to take care up, but I have committed to posting everyday here. This will be a short post, I am tired, my period didn’t start and I feel like I am about to throw up.

This morning Gwen and I went to C’s. They have no air conditioning, there were not a lot of people there, so it wasn’t too bad, but still, when we got in my car to leave, we both needed to use the inhaler.

Today was graduation, so Tigger was out in this nasty weather. I felt bad for him so before he got home I got his MP3 player and put the soundtrack for Wall-E on it. That reminds me, I need to put my Pepsi points in. I have a whole cup full of bottle caps. Stitch treated all of us to Olive Garden, the waitress looked at him and said, “You were in my music history class.” That happens a lot when Stitch goes out. A lot of college students work at restaurants.

I am going to sign off now and put my aching head and tummy to bed, after I hang up my clothes that is.