>I am trying to send this text while eating but it is not easy for me to text with one hand, I just was hungry so I am scarfing down this sandwich while trying to type this. I used to write weird things I saw in my journal so here are 2.

Black woman wearing blue bra under yellow top,

rose petals in the tunnel to the 7 train.

OK so the black woman with the yellow top and blue bra is not so weird in New York City, but where did the rose petals come from? Did I mention they were big petals and dark red? Like the kind you buy for someone you love? I mean you buy red roses for people you love, not just the petals.

I just posted my first review on Shelfari. It was fun, like posting here is fun. I wrote it on the book Property, which I didn’t really care for. I think I need to check back with Booktalk because Melva and I kind of have a conversation going on.