>Slept in my own bed and woke up feeling good, except for these monster blisters on my feet. I need to get back to posting so I can keep up to date with my life. I am on battery power but I should have enough to finish this. Tomorrow I will update yesterdays NIGHTMARE travel adventure.

Had a doctor’s appointment this AM. Dr. Sharma said my lung function is good. Gwen went with me and we went to Target, I had to get food for poor Butterscotch who when I got home had no food or water in his bowls and very little food in the cat food container. Then M called because they were not able to leave the building to get food so Gwen and I went to pick up their lunch. After that we stopped at Ron’s. Then came home and just vegged, oh we took pictures of the roses. I would post one but I don’t want to get up to get my camera.

Tonight I went with M to the high school to help her with the snacks after the Senior Awards. When I got home Fred wanted his present, that Gwen told him I got, but wouldn’t tell him what it was. I got him a representation of Mt. St. Helen made from the ash of Mt. St. Helen. I really have to get ready for bed now.