>I left home to catch the 6:33 with 15 minutes to get there, plenty of time. Unless there is construction on Fishkill Ave and it is completely blocked off after DDs, which was the case this morning. So I turned around, drove to Red Schoolhouse Road, took it to Rt 9D to the train station and caught the 6:33, only because it got in at 6:35. The train is ‘light’ today, I wonder if that will be the case going home.

Today I am wearing my Cleo Crocs. My little toes on each foot are taped up and I had to put a new band-aid on the blister on my left bunion, my left foot does not like the Cyprus crocs at all.

After going to four stores I finally found Laffy Taffy for Tigger. I put it in the gray cabinet so he will be sure to find it.

This morning I bought some Crows at Rite Aid, at the same time I was buying more band-aids and tape for my feet and Tums. I tried throwing them out, but just fished the box out. The candy was still in the box, and it is my personal trash so I am eating them. I took care of the Crows, I dumped them out of the box into the trash can now I definitely won’t eat them.

So I just had 4 slices of Canadian Bacon for lunch, Monday I start journaling in earnest, I will keep track on here. I am also going to start posting my weight here. I have to get serious, its not just the clothes.

The kids went to see ‘Wall-E’ today, of Tigger now wants the music. I said ‘No’, he cried in a text, you know he added the animated bear with water running down his face. I still said ‘No’, said I wouldn’t because I wanted to see it but didn’t get to, of course, I just downloaded it for him.