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Today was my Wednesday off so I made plans to go out with Christine. I woke up with a wicked sore throat. Couldn’t swallow without pain. It was pretty annoying considering I woke up in time. Thinking that maybe if I got up and started moving about I would feel better, cause sometimes that does happen, I got up and made eggs for breakfast. I sprinkled some of my very hot red pepper flakes on them. Red pepper is good for sore throat. It didn’t help, the longer I stayed up the worse I felt so I ended up going back to bed.

Of course in this house you can only stay in bed if you have the plague or are dying, or is that, ‘dying of the plague’? Eventually I had to get up. Em wanted lunch and Gwen wanted to go up to apply for a job at the mall. I also wanted to try for Yankee tickets. After getting home the mail came and my findings arrived, so now my Yankee earrings have lever-back ear wires instead of posts. One more thing ready for opening day, just have to get tickets.

My hair appointment had been changed from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. since my stylist had to go to a funeral. After my appointment I was supposed to pick up Nick. Of course first the stylist was late, then it took forever to do my hair. When I tweeted ‘Why does it take so long to do my hair?’ Em tweeted back, ‘Do you know how much hair you have?’ This much, this is how much hair I have, but it does look good doesn’t it?

Finally she was done and I left without getting it dried. Picked up Nick and some other kids, took them all home and then we got home. I was so happy to be home, but the day wasn’t over yet. As I was coming up on the deck I heard a commotion inside, Butterscotch was running back and forth on the windowsill, and I was wondering what was wrong with our cat? Then I realized it wasn’t our cat. It was one of the feral cats from the neighborhood (yes one of those cats I hate, unreasonable I know), that had somehow gotten inside. Abigail was locked upstairs, Butterscotch put in the basement, and while I stood in the cold with my sore throat and wet hair holding the door open so they could chase this demented feline out, it ran the opposite way into the living room, up on the windowsill behind the computer desk and almost took out our router.

Stitch manged to catch it and put it outside, where it rocketed away from the deck. It is not the cat’s fault it is stray and wild, but if that cat ever gets in our house again, it is getting the business end of my boot.

The rest of the evening our two cats were eying each other, perhaps to make sure we hadn’t replaced one of them? Abigail kept sniffing the windowsill, after all that is her perch to watch the world go by. And an impostor had been on it.


and last night I stayed up way to late. I woke up at 9:00, so no Bible Study. Gwen woke me up at 11:00. When I came upstairs, she wanted to go driving. So we went to where I could get coffee, then to get a bagel, then came back home and I let her drive to Ron’s. Then around the park, then I had her pull into the parking lot, into a space and I drove home. When we got home, she went inside and I stayed outside on the swing, just enjoying the air and the feel of the grass blades tickling the bottom of my feet, and she came back outside, which I didn’t want. Then to make things worse, she thumped on the seat and knocked my cup off onto the ground. When I asked her why she thumped on the seat she said, ‘I forgot it moves.’

We were just sitting there, I wasn’t enjoying myself as much, but it was alright. Chucky poked his head out of the foundation for the old shed, I was just about to get a nice picture, when Stitch came outside and scared him back inside. So this is the picture I got. You can kind of see him but it is not as good as the picture I would have got if he hadn’t moved. So then Stitch sat on the swing. Might as well, I had completely forgotten about whatever it was I was thinking about before Gwen came outside. Stitch asked about using my car to go to Bs for more tutoring. B is studying to get his GED. This is good practice for Stitch. He said they were going to work on fractions.

There are 3 kittens living under our deck. Wee little things. While we were on the swing we heard a noise in the strawberry/raspberry patch next to our deck. The kittens were playing in there. Gwen has named them, Sherbet is the lightest colored one, the other two are almost identical, so I suggested Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum, Dee and Dum for short. Stitch and M liked those names better then the Socks and Stockings that Gwen had thought up for them. I managed to get this picture with my cell phone, then I cropped it on my computer. They look like mini Butterscotches, but of course they are not his kittens. He never goes outside and he can’t be a father cat if he did.

Stitch ended up taking my car since M and Fred got back from Ikea and M said she was going to the grocery store and I wanted to go with her. I needed to get cat litter though, so I told him not to be too late. Gwen wanted a new lamp, so I told Stitch be back between 5;30 and 6:00 pm. M and I had Lemon Drop Martinis, after which I went downstairs, Stitch came home, Gwen and I left for (in order) Petco, Lowes and Target. When we left, Tigger was sending text messages to M that he got stung by a wasp on his nose. Incidentally, Stitch didn’t get home by 6:00, not that I said anything since I had fallen asleep. When I got home, D was putting together what M had bought at Ikea and as I was eating dinner she asked me if I would take Tigger to Ron’s because of his bad day. So I did, but because this was my third trip to Ron’s, I didn’t get ice cream.

So now I know

I have to type really long posts. Otherwise my lists overtake my posts and I have to increase the number of my posts.

Last night I took a picture of Butterscotch, he was sleeping on his side with his front paws crossed. I don’t know why I took it, I just felt compelled. I have also been putting food out for the little torti that looks just like Sassy. I know I shouldn’t. She is really sweet, except she is also pretty wild, she has gotten calmer after we took Abby in. When I get a better picture of Abby I will post it, along with crossed leg Butterscotch.

I posted to Exercise Police and 20 +/- to go today. I haven’t in a long time. I need to, I can’t just post to Booktalk and Friends.

Tonight at the meeting they voted to change the nights. They changed to Wednesday! Can you believe it? Well, until orchestra is over Stitch, Gwen and I will be going to WF because they can’t just drop it. Gwen is all upset about it, but she calmed herself in the car on the way home.

I just created this stupid web page. Check it out. I don’t know if there is a way to update it. Or delete it.


This pretty tabby cat has been hanging around our basement door and meowing and trying to get in our house. It is a new cat, not one of the usual strays. It is also an indoor cat and I have no idea why it is outside. Anyway the kids want to adopt her and call her Molly, but I am leery because she is a strange cat, although very clean looking and friendly as can be. She could have worms or she might have been put out of her owners house cause she was peeing all over we just don’t know.

M said she is going to put ads in the paper to try to find her owner. She is a real sweet girl. She has been inside, but M won’t let her stay in at night. Today she bought a litter box for her, but is still saying she hasn’t decided if she is staying.