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Dropkick Murphys

This was an acoustic show. Meaning no band, just him and two friends with guitars. The proceeds from this concert benefited his charity “Sidewalk Angels“. Mari even came on stage to tell a little about it and thank everyone for, in effect, donating. This is also not the first time I have seen Rob Thomas, and the reason this is not on the review blog is because I am not reviewing his show.

Instead I am writing about the experience. I went up to Em’s on Friday and we drove out to the concert. I had a migraine starting Wednesday and was still feeling it Friday even after I stayed home Thursday (I had originally planned to go to work on Thursday). Despite this I made it to the train I wanted to catch, I was even early and very proud of myself. The only thing was, since I was getting on at 125th, and I never know which direction is which, I mean I had an idea but I wasn’t sure, so I got on the front of the train instead of the back and so got off in Beacon on the wrong end of the train. Not really a problem, just confused Tigger who was waiting for me and didn’t see me come out with the rest of the people.

Fast forward to the concert, which we got lost driving to (a couple of times), and as we were sitting there Em told me that a co-worker made her feel old by saying Billy Joel is washed up, or a has been or something like that. After I scoffed at that I was looking around the arena and saw a banner hanging up, “Billy Joel” with a big 10 under his name, and under that “sold out shows in a row. A New England record. Or it was at the time. I pointed it out to Em, she read the dates “from May to July 2008”, well that was 3 years ago she remarked with a smirk. He broke a record set in 1987. Washed up my a__.

In the Spring of 2008, Billy Joel performed 10 sold-out shows at Mohegan Sun, and set several attendance records.

On the entertainment side, the biggest thing in the casino business, for this property and for me, was Billy Joel. It was the biggest deal I have ever been involved in. Dennis Arfa (Joel’s booking agent since 1976) and I go back years. I would always approach Dennis–from when I was in Atlantic City until I came up to New England—and ask, “How can I get Billy Joel to do a casino?” It never happened. One day, Dennis and I were having a friendly lunch and, of course, I brought the subject up again. The idea of breaking a (casino) record intrigued Billy and it intrigued us as well. We did 10 sold-out shows in a row. He sold out every show instantly. That, to me, is one of the great casino entertainment stories.

The concert was nice, Rob making his little comments, forgetting the words to a song (not his own, “Save the Last Dance”) and getting them from someone’s iPhone, then tossing it back to them (OOPS).

Then we drove home, only getting turned around once this time. The next morning I went home and that was an adventure.

First was getting to the train station, first thing was, since it was New Year’s Eve day, I wanted to get home as soon as possible, before everyone and his brother started going down to the city. I was up to late for Tigger, D wanted to get the car looked at, Em convinced him to wait for me to eat breakfast. I caught the 10:57 out of Beacon.

When I got to 125th Street I had to pee but the bathroom door was locked. Since I was going home I decided to just wait till I got there and hiked down to the #6 train. I swiped my card, and went nowhere. A 30 day MetroCard is just that, 30 days not a month. So I had to go get a new MetroCard, then I went down, I was determined to not get on the express like the last time but I hesitated on the first platform, “Uptown and the Bronx”. If I was at GCT that is the train I would take, but I was in Harlem, I ran down to the next platform as the doors were closing on the train. So I had to wait and I had to pee, not a good combination. I hate running in my apartment when I have to pee, that’s usually when I forget to lock my door and then I’m in the bathroom wondering if I locked the door or not.

The issue with the MetroCard meant I didn’t go shopping. That turned out to be good because by waiting until today the dress I wanted was 50% off.

Going to Chicago today

no, not the city, the rock band. The whole family is going. I really hope my tummy settles down. I hate feeling like I am going to puke. Riding in the van is going to make it worse.

In a few minutes I have to get ready for the meeting. When I post this I am going to check the WW site and then get dressed. I will be back later.

I don’t know if I got the address right I can’t really check right now. We are waiting to go into the concert area and I am hot. It is very muggy and I can’t walk around so I am so bored. Stitch brought a book and M told me I had to stay here with him so besides being hot I am also getting mad.

More from Bethel Woods

We have moved, we are on the grass in front of the stage where the band is going to be. M keeps running off and so I am stuck here while she goes off wherever she goes. At least I get to use the towel I bought at Kohl’s. I wonder if I will get to have a drink later. They are teasing us they keep playing ‘Saturday’ but just the first word

More from Bethel Woods

The opening act has started. I wonder if The Doobie Brothers or Chicago will be first. We bought t-shirts and Tigger actually took off his Hawaiian shirt and put the Chicago shirt on. Okay opening act is done, time for the main acts.

The Doobie Brothers was first, when they finished, I got up to go to the bathroom, when I came out it was raining, by the time I got back to where our seats were, it was pouring, it was so bad I couldn’t find the rest of the group. Chicago was playing, and one of the band members mentioned, We got a bad weather warning so everyone please come under the pavilion, because this show is going on! And it was great, even if I was wet and with the wind cold and because I was standing I was having cramps. Now I am home and the cramps are still kicking me, so I have to go to bed now. I also ended up with two shirts, I got one at one stand but wasn’t crazy about it. M told me about one she saw at another stand, I got it thinking I could give the first one I bought to Fred, but when I looked at it again, it is too feminine for him. So now I have two Chicago shirt, I really didn’t want two shirts. Maybe Gwen will take it.

Weather today

I really don’t know why I don’t blog on the weekend, but I don’t, I just jot everything down Monday then in the evening I reorganize and add stuff when I get online.

Friday night was the DCC concert, I didn’t go, I got a text from Tigger saying 9D was backed up so I went to Allsport instead. While M. Stitch, Tigger and Gwen were at the concert, D signed up for Netflix.

Saturday after bookstudy Gwen had a driving lesson, around the block in the development then I drove to riverside park and Gwen drove from the park to the train station, back to the park and to the train station again, she only almost hit a curb once. After that I went to Allsport. Then Sunday I took Tigger to get a bluetooth. He really likes it. I walked to Ron’s, halfway there I realized I had left my money at home, so I walked on to Main Street to get some from the bank. Netflix is great.

After a semi-gorgeous weekend it is cold, damp, gray & windy this a.m. I took a beating on the way in from the subway to my office. And it must have rained a lot somewhere because the hudson was overflowing its banks into the train parking lot. The same parking lot Gwen was practicing her driving in Saturday.


I don’t know what I really want to say today. I missed my bookstudy, went to Border’s then to the Library. I picked up two books I had on hold “On Chesil Beach” by Ian McEwan and If You Love Me, You Will Do My Will by Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth. I also went on the computer and posted some to WW website.

Tonight Stitch and I might go to a concert. He needs to go for a class he is taking but the roads might be icy. We will see. I have the address in my GPS so we will not have a problem finding it.

I just patched up my nails. You know I just dabbed nail polish in the spots where I picked it off.

Right now I am watching CSI, the original Las Vegas version. I like all of them except for the Miami one. Only because of Horatio. I can’t remember the actor’s name. Anyway, I am pretty bored just sitting here watching TV. I need to do something. I have no idea what since the polish on my nails has not set yet. I think I will check the WW board one more time then get some M&M’s to nibble on. Soon I will have to get ready to go to the concert. I wish I had a big enough purse to put a book in.


I had a headache yesterday so M. drove my car up to get Gwen, the snow had frozen solid, it was like ice. Stitch didn’t think Amy could make it over but the little girl did! But he and Fred forgot to throw ice melt on the patch of snow behind where I park my car so it was slippery and M. fell and hurt herself. She asked Fred if he could handle her not being at his concert, he said he understood but was sad she wouldn’t get to hear the whole band play Fire Dance.

Then before the concert, I stood to let someone in the aisle, my boots slipped on the floor I fell down on the seat and my hand went between the seat and the metal part that holds the seat in place. Fortunately, since I have a wee little hand, it didn’t get stuck, I just got a little cut on it and it is a little stiff tonight.

With this cold air though, I feel like I am coming down with bronchitis. I think I will make an appointment with Dr. Nejad tomorrow, if I remember.

Tummy Tummy

We were told we could leave 2 hours before our normal time. Selvin said I could leave at 2 if I wanted without charging leave. I actually left about 10 after but had to stop at the bathroom and then had real bad diarrhea so I actually didn’t leave until 20 to 25 after. Now I really don’t feel like going to work out or eat or anything.

This new blog auto saves which is a real nice feature, considering I accidentally closed it! I also like the fact that my browser automatically spell checks for me. Except I accidentally added a misspelled word and now can’t take it out!

I went through my photo album and made of list of concerts I have been to, plays and movies I have seen. I can’t remember what else I was going to say because someone is playing with a slinky and I can’t think!

Now I remember, I finished Kiss the Girls by James Patterson.

B.T. was just down here. He wanted to download the “Happy Song”. It is in a commercial, it was the theme to the Partridge Family. So I found it for him and now he is happy, cause he has his “happy” song.