I really don’t know why I don’t blog on the weekend, but I don’t, I just jot everything down Monday then in the evening I reorganize and add stuff when I get online.

Friday night was the DCC concert, I didn’t go, I got a text from Tigger saying 9D was backed up so I went to Allsport instead. While M. Stitch, Tigger and Gwen were at the concert, D signed up for Netflix.

Saturday after bookstudy Gwen had a driving lesson, around the block in the development then I drove to riverside park and Gwen drove from the park to the train station, back to the park and to the train station again, she only almost hit a curb once. After that I went to Allsport. Then Sunday I took Tigger to get a bluetooth. He really likes it. I walked to Ron’s, halfway there I realized I had left my money at home, so I walked on to Main Street to get some from the bank. Netflix is great.

After a semi-gorgeous weekend it is cold, damp, gray & windy this a.m. I took a beating on the way in from the subway to my office. And it must have rained a lot somewhere because the hudson was overflowing its banks into the train parking lot. The same parking lot Gwen was practicing her driving in Saturday.