I stayed up way to late last night. Got An Unfinished Life from the library and read it before I went to bed. I also got the movie, now I have two movies to watch and M got Freedom Writers from Netflix. I hope I get to watch it before they send it back. I have had a semi-productive day, I got the FOIL up to the Office of General Council and I got the rest of the websites written in my purple address book. Now I am going to write the e-mail addresses in there. That has been my day so far. I have another FOIL to do and file a bunch of DMRs.

I started Close to Home on the way home. Tonight was meeting and Tigger was texting me, Are you coming? After he and D and Gwen left. Then when I got there, he pouted when I didn’t sit next to them, sitting in the row in front. So I had to go back and sit with them. They left after the school was done. He did a good job. When he sings, his voice is deeper than when he talks.