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>Sad Day

>I decided not to rush and catch the 6:33 today instead of the 6:18, my hurting tummy reminds me that I didn’t eat last night, but the way I felt, I couldn’t. I have cereal bars if it gets too bad before I get to work. I have to go throw some makeup on before I run out of here.

Rain today, I am wearing my spotted boots, even if they do look stupid with my skirt.

I made the 6:44. Then I stopped to get Band Aids so then I was truly late. As I was waiting for the Metro North train I thought about the things we miss when we rush, like the fact that there is grass growing on the platform, and the fact that it is sunny as California and I wore chunky black and white rain boots.

Today I stopped at this park I have always wanted to stop at for lunch. It is a pretty nice day except I know I look ridiculous in these rain boots. Well, someone told me its supposed to rain later and these boots are better then the shoes that are wearing away the skin on my heels.

As I was playing Tetris, while sitting in the boss’s office, Tigger sent me a text. I turned off the game and got up, it was dark outside. We were no longer in California. I saw someone in the parking lot rub his head so I looked at the jeep near the window and saw raindrops on the roof. As I watched, more appeared. Not a lot of rain but enough so I won’t look so silly in my boots.

Now I am sitting at my desk, eating my salad one vegetable at a time while sending and receiving text messages. Now who says I can’t multi-task?

It is a sad day because Sassy died. I was surprised at how sad I felt. But when you think about it, she has been with us for 19 years almost. Longer than Tigger and Fred. I went to the meeting because I had a talk with Nancy, but I didn’t stay, and now I have to go get ready for bed.


>sassy is gone

Wed, May 21 3:37 pm

>i know
its sad
but it happens

Wed, May 21 3:38 pm