>I just found out that someone has been reading my blog! Eeek! Now I have to remember if I said anything about her hmm. Don’t think so, she is one of the newer posters, but this thread is not like some of the others I posted to, not that I was abused, just ignored.

So I went to lunch and it is raining, you know I do not carry an umbrella, now it is pouring and so I stopped at Brasil Coffee House, you know the place on the corner with the tables with the coffee beans under their glass tops. I am hoping the rain stops because I put my hair back with a barrette and so do not have a hat. It does not look like it is stopping anytime soon so I will most likely get soaked. Well I will enjoy this latte before that happens.

Yes, I got soaked, and it is still raining, even here at home, well I am going to get some dinner than go to Allsport. I will talk to you later, or maybe tomorrow night.

Made it to Allsport, now I am home and soon my phone will be telling me to go to bed. OK it already has I just didn’t hear it. I should put my time on the challenge but I don’t think there is room yet. I will check in a minute, then I will do all the things my phone told me to do.