>is not really a park but it is a nice place to sit and play with my phone. I got 3 tins of cinnamon altoids and some orbit gum, I need to leave before my lettuce gets warm.

Payday today. Yesterday short-sleeved top. Today sweater with leather jacket. Wearing my crocs again today, I found my half-sock-tubes and my little toes are wrapped up in band-aids. The second skin all peeled off last night, if you didn’t know what it was, you would have been totally freaked out by my ‘scaley skin’. Bwah!! I got an e-mail from Amazon advertising Crocs with free overnight shipping. I will have to check that out. Someone just asked me if I had pink skin, I lifted up my pants leg so she could see the little half socks. Then someone else asked me what I had on my feet. I showed her, but now I think I should have said “Crocs.” Anyway, the little socks are really helping, I need to wash them and squeeze them out and hang them up so they dry for tomorrow.

I am staying home tonight, just feeling crummy, don’t know if I will just lie down or watch some computer TV or not. I think I will check some things then lie down for a bit.