>I heard people leaving and thought I was in real trouble, I grabbed my phone, is was 4 something, then I remembered today is Fred’s field trip. So I have been up since about 4:10, that is what time it was when I first looked at my phone. I have to go to work now, I will see you later.

The shortline bus drivers are on strike, this I know, I might have to start taking an earlier train, but what I find unbelievable is the number of people on the train has increased but the number of cars in the parking lot has decreased. Of course since I park in permitted parking it kind of sort of makes sense, people coming over from SL wouldn’t have permits.

So M is sending me text messages from the amusement park they are at. They are funny, I will share them with you later.

I went to my new favorite place for lunch, I found out I am not the only one who knows about it. This time I went straight there and ate lunch I brought from the office. I didn’t send any e-mails from there today because of the other people that were there.

The FOIL’s that I was planning on doing Monday and forgot about I finished today. I also inputed all the output reports I got and filed all the DMRs. I am leaving Tuesday! OK I am trying to get myself excited about this.

I need to get some sleep, I want to do a lot tomorrow.

The text messages M sent the first one said, “I want you to know I am NOT FAT”. I replied she didn’t need to send a picture of that, she replied to me, “It wouldn’t fit on my phone.” I showed them to Tigger he just kind of smiled at the first one. At the second one he cracked up.