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This is the kind of picture Tigger likes to send me. His white foot with a tan leg. I told him now he had a line for amputation, he LOL at that.

I had this enormous message all typed out on my phone and it didn’t send! That is the problem with using my phone, if the message doesn’t send, I totally lose it.

I don’t know if this e-mail system will send, I may just have to save it and send it later. Anyway, I am having lunch in because I am wearing my high-heeled Crocs and didn’t feel like walking. I have plenty of food. Cherries and salad with cheese and canadian bacon and lots and lots of water. Tigger has been sending me messages with his AOL account because he is playing with his PDA.

M.M.s in Permits mother died so they are passing around a card and collecting money. I didn’t give any because the person collecting didn’t know what it was being used for, I told him, I only give money if I know where it is going, and he said OK, didn’t seem to be bothered. Anyway, I should go eat the rest of my lunch now. I am going to save this, try to send it and copy it to my GW e-mail and send it here. Just in case.

Well it worked, I don’t have to copy and paste from my e-mail account I just have to go to my e-mail and delete it. I also have to find out how to print to D.s printer. He said I could, but I have no idea how to do it.

When I got home, Fred was on the swing, so here is our new swing.

Pix messages in the blog

And here I am at the park that has become my favorite lunch place. But only when the weather is nice. When the weather is cold or nasty, then I like the Brazil, is smells like coffee and has though cool tables. This is Butterscotch or Buddy as the kids call him on ‘his’ new table. I am going to read some before I go back. I am tired.

I have discovered that I can send a picture, put text in it and the text and picture come through, how cool is that? I bought M some Crocs when I was on my way home from work. When I got home from the gym, she was sitting on the new swing we got for the backyard and wearing them. She loves them, thinks they are so comfortable, and says she needs another pair.

I requested The First Cut by Peter Robinson and picked it up at the library tonight and read it. The ending occurs in the last Alan Banks book I read, years later the protagonist shows up as a medical examiner killing serial murderers, then when Annie figures it out, she kills herself. Not Annie, the character in the book.

It is late now and so I am going to bed. See you tomorrow.


I put a book in a bag to bring to work to read & what am i doing? Sending e-mails to my blog, why you ask?, because it is more fun! I have an idea about something to do with this i will get back to you. The book i brought is No Regrets by Ann Rule. I am going to start reading now.

I was going to stop at the park to do this but it looks like rain so i decided to stop at the coffee shop. I do have to go soon because I need to pee and get back to work. Someday I need to fill in the blanks from our nightmare flight home but can’t right now, so I will say ttfn and bbl

It just started raining as i walked across the parking lot
>^. .^<

The park

Just taking a minute before I eat to say hi. Read some interesting articles in the Times, one was about how bad flip-flops are for your feet and the other one said that the video that shows cell phones popping popcorn is a hoax. I took this picture on the way to the 7 train. Tigger and I were sending silly e-mails to each other. So I snapped this and sent it to him. Then I thought I would share with all of you here. We got a swing for the backyard, you know one of those big ones with a shade over it for you to sit in and sip margaritas and listen to music. It needs to be put together.

>Back at work today

>and I made the train after struggling to get up. I did my shoulder exercises and was going to put on my makeup but the Aussie conditioner had made a mess in the make-up case I put it in to pack it in my suitcase. That is why you should always unpack your suitcase right away.

Uneven hems seem to be back in style, I saw two women wearing them. They weren’t extreme, just kind of curved around, like a big ‘O’. One of the women had a purse bigger than her tote bag. Another woman is obviously a fashionista with her multi-colored gauze skirt over her tan capris with yellow Keds.

Tigger sent me a text message asking to download the “National Treasure” soundtrack. As opposed to the “National Treasure 2” soundtrack. He said it is not as good as #2. He used up all the Pepsi points to get it.

You can buy BioFreeze from but according to the BioFreeze website, you shouldn’t. You should only buy it from a medical professional. I sent the website to M. Of course she was like, you haven’t been at work for 2 weeks and you have time to search for BioFreeze? Well I used the computer search engine, takes hardly any time at all.

Then when the train was almost at Garrison, I started hearing pings against the window, sounded like hail. I don’t like hail, it hurts. Anyway, it stayed in Garrison.

>^. .^<

>Just sitting

>here on my bed doing nothing but listening to the kids outside. My shoulder really hurts. I wish it would stop. I am guessing it won’t until I go to the doctor, but I feel like if I do that I will get into the PT, then they stop, so I have surgery and more PT. I think I will wait until it just stops moving, then go see Doctor DiMarco. How does that sound to you?

D is out buying a new T.V. They are redecorating the living room slowly, lots of red accents. I should go upstairs to help but I really don’t feel like it right now. I am feeling rather blah right now so I am just going to lie here for a little bit longer.

M.L. sent me an e-mail asking me where I was since I didn’t post yesterday, I don’t think I turned my computer on at all yesterday. I only sent a quick e-mail to start a post here while I was watching some really weird T.V. shows. Some things I shouldn’t have been watching but sometimes I just can’t help myself. I really should go now, I need to type what happened on the way home.

>Just stuff

>Power purify and some weird Japanese foot sticky patches to purify your body and lose weight, i saw those two commercials on the T.V. tonight. So weird.

When you watch late night T.V. you see the really weird commercials, like the ones I mentioned above. And ones for phone sex chat lines. Those really freak me out, if those girls are really that beautiful, why are they on the phone? Why aren’t they somewhere you can see them in person? Anyway I don’t remember the name of the Japanese foot things but the power purify do the same thing. You stick them on your feet and in the morning they come off dirty. Freaky HUH? Well, I really can’t think of anything else to say, I think my brain is taking a break from thinking right now.

>Last vacation day.

>Today is the last day off I have, the weekends are always days off. My shoulder is really bothering me now. I will probably have to go the doctor again. I am trying to avoid it by doing the exercises from PT, but I don’t remember them all and it is getting really difficult to lift my hands over my head and take clothes off over my head etc. I am going to try doing my exercises 3 times a day and see if that helps.

Anyway, I have to go help Gwen, then we are going to have a driving lesson and then go to Ron’s, see you later.


>Slept in my own bed and woke up feeling good, except for these monster blisters on my feet. I need to get back to posting so I can keep up to date with my life. I am on battery power but I should have enough to finish this. Tomorrow I will update yesterdays NIGHTMARE travel adventure.

Had a doctor’s appointment this AM. Dr. Sharma said my lung function is good. Gwen went with me and we went to Target, I had to get food for poor Butterscotch who when I got home had no food or water in his bowls and very little food in the cat food container. Then M called because they were not able to leave the building to get food so Gwen and I went to pick up their lunch. After that we stopped at Ron’s. Then came home and just vegged, oh we took pictures of the roses. I would post one but I don’t want to get up to get my camera.

Tonight I went with M to the high school to help her with the snacks after the Senior Awards. When I got home Fred wanted his present, that Gwen told him I got, but wouldn’t tell him what it was. I got him a representation of Mt. St. Helen made from the ash of Mt. St. Helen. I really have to get ready for bed now.

Had an adventure coming home

Had an adventure coming home, will post details later.
>^. .^<

We left the house when my Dad said we should, not when my Mom said we should. So guess who was right? We were standing in line and waiting and waiting, then I went to the self service kiosk to see if I could use it. I didn’t think I could because there was no ticket number on the e-mail confirmation, but my Dad notices a ‘confirmation’ number, so I put that in and we got our boarding passes in time. We weren’t the last ones on the plane, but we were close to them. I got some really cool cloud pictures flying out of Seattle.

When we finally managed to get out of Seattle that is, our plane was delayed for an hour, we made up time flying to Atlanta, then got turned around in the airport, ended up at baggage claim so we had to go through airport security, by the time we got back into the Concourse area, where the gates are, our plane was long gone. So I called customer service, the next flight to Newburgh was at 8:45 p.m., and there were no seats, we would have to be on standby. That was not acceptable. So I asked about other destinations, there was a plane to Newark, NJ at 5:30 pm. That was better. She was going to charge me $170 per ticket, then she asked why I missed the plane. When I said our flight was delayed out of Seattle, she didn’t charge me.

So it seemed like things were getting better, then, the flight was canceled. Due to bad weather, but it was sunny in New Jersey, so what was up? Turns out there were thunderstorms in Georgia. So we now were leaving Atlanta and 8:20 pm and flying to Newark, NJ. We had to go to another gate. I had monster blisters by now. Don’t wear high heels, even if they are Crocs when flying. We get to the gate, the sign says 9:00 pm. The lady comes and says its wrong, but its not, in the meantime, we noticed that the new boarding passes have us sitting rows apart. Gwen is panicking and I am close behind her.

We haven’t eaten a real meal that day, just some wraps with cream cheese on the plane, so we go get dinner. Turns out to be pretty good. When we come back, the departure gate is changed again, so we start walking around the airport again. Then we get another gate after that, just for good measure. We finally get on the plane, the person sitting next to Gwen agrees to switch seats with me so that is one problem solved, looks like the last one. D and Stitch are there to pick us up in Newark, NJ and we get home Thursday, around 1:00 am. (Remember I have come back to type this) Now you know why the next post says SO HAPPY TO BE HOME!