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My weekend

The old man, he wants my ice cream! I was trying to fend him off with my iPhone.
My hockey jersey, now covered with cat hair. But I washed it so it is clean cat hair.


First day house sitting

The family all left at 8:00, well a little later than that. I keep saying I am house sitting, but is that really true if it is the house I live in? I think so, since I live in the basement and I will be staying upstairs. I have to leave in a little while. I should go to the gym but I really don’t feel like it. I probably should find Butterscotch and put him downstairs. But right now I don’t know where he is. Gwen told me the cats get along, but when I brought Butterscotch upstairs, Abigail hissed at him.

He even went in her basket, I hope she doesn’t poop in it when she smells his scent in there. I have no idea, I don’t know that much about cats. When he gets in her basket, I realize he is smaller then her. She totally fills up the basket and he doesn’t.

6:37 p.m.
Well, I am still sitting here, doing nothing, it is probably too late to walk to Ron’s or the park, or to Allsport. Except Allsport is open until 8:00 so I do have time to go there. Then I can go to Wendy’s for a Bacon Cheeseburger. The junior one is only 8 or 9 points.

Stitch called me to talk to Abby. I couldn’t get the phone to her because she was sitting on the windowsill. But she wouldn’t come off it. She just looked at me like I was crazy. So he called back and left a message for her. Then Tigger and M sent me text messages. I stopped answering Tigger because he annoyed me. He hasn’t sent me anymore text messages. He sent me this picture of the place they are staying.

Had an adventure coming home

Had an adventure coming home, will post details later.
>^. .^<

We left the house when my Dad said we should, not when my Mom said we should. So guess who was right? We were standing in line and waiting and waiting, then I went to the self service kiosk to see if I could use it. I didn’t think I could because there was no ticket number on the e-mail confirmation, but my Dad notices a ‘confirmation’ number, so I put that in and we got our boarding passes in time. We weren’t the last ones on the plane, but we were close to them. I got some really cool cloud pictures flying out of Seattle.

When we finally managed to get out of Seattle that is, our plane was delayed for an hour, we made up time flying to Atlanta, then got turned around in the airport, ended up at baggage claim so we had to go through airport security, by the time we got back into the Concourse area, where the gates are, our plane was long gone. So I called customer service, the next flight to Newburgh was at 8:45 p.m., and there were no seats, we would have to be on standby. That was not acceptable. So I asked about other destinations, there was a plane to Newark, NJ at 5:30 pm. That was better. She was going to charge me $170 per ticket, then she asked why I missed the plane. When I said our flight was delayed out of Seattle, she didn’t charge me.

So it seemed like things were getting better, then, the flight was canceled. Due to bad weather, but it was sunny in New Jersey, so what was up? Turns out there were thunderstorms in Georgia. So we now were leaving Atlanta and 8:20 pm and flying to Newark, NJ. We had to go to another gate. I had monster blisters by now. Don’t wear high heels, even if they are Crocs when flying. We get to the gate, the sign says 9:00 pm. The lady comes and says its wrong, but its not, in the meantime, we noticed that the new boarding passes have us sitting rows apart. Gwen is panicking and I am close behind her.

We haven’t eaten a real meal that day, just some wraps with cream cheese on the plane, so we go get dinner. Turns out to be pretty good. When we come back, the departure gate is changed again, so we start walking around the airport again. Then we get another gate after that, just for good measure. We finally get on the plane, the person sitting next to Gwen agrees to switch seats with me so that is one problem solved, looks like the last one. D and Stitch are there to pick us up in Newark, NJ and we get home Thursday, around 1:00 am. (Remember I have come back to type this) Now you know why the next post says SO HAPPY TO BE HOME!


>I just watched an episode of House, I have to see if I can get them from anywhere because I really like this show. The episode I saw ‘expires’ in 4 hours, the next ‘expires’ in a day, I don’t know if I will find time to watch it tomorrow. Oh, I just checked online and I can borrow them from the library a season at a time.

Desperate posting

No spell check on my phone which is what I am using to send this e-mail to post to my blog now. My mom is home now and I am hiding in the bathroom because I did not get a chance to go online this morning. Gwen is packed, I am going to pack as soon as I take my shower. Tomorrow I will be home, we will be home! Yippee! I am so happy to be going home, there is drama in everybody’s family.

My niece Gigi has some of my sister’s undesireable qualities, it took me a while to pick up on them because they are subtle and sort of diluted by my brother-in-law’s influence. But she has that, “I am quoting a scripture to support my view and your view of this scripture is wrong!” attitude that my sister had growing up. In that little bedroom where anyone who did not grow up in it knows what really happened there, where my sister tortured me and no one had a clue. So no watching TV in the bathroom. I mentioned to my mom, “When I was watching TV in the bathroom, ” she was totally confused. Gwen explained to her, I was wasn’t watching a TV in the bathroom, I was watching a TV show on my computer. I just took the computer into the bathroom so I wouldn’t disturb Gwen.

>Keeping my promise

>Keeping to my promise, to myself, to have at least one post a day. Now I am going to eat breakfast.

Today was kind of a do nothing day, my dad went in to his office. We went to the grocery store and then home, my mom and I went to Subway to get lunch, Gwen stayed home and made her own sandwich, she doesn’t like Subway. Then we played Rummikub. I don’t remember who won just that I won once. I also don’t remember how many times we played. I think I am going to bed soon cause, Gwen is tired and wants to go to bed so I can’t watch TV on here and my Dad is watching TV so I can’t watch out there I have to go now cause she wants the lights off.

>Back again

>I didn’t really want to do another post today, but sometimes that is necessary, we went to the meeting this morning and then lunch, then Gwen said she was tired and the onion rings were making her sick. So my dad came home, now he is in his computer room, Gwen is sleeping and my mom and I are in the living room. I just finished a delicious mocha she made for me and she is reading the paper while I type this. My dad had mentioned going to Deception Pass but I guess he didn’t want to go that badly. I really don’t care one way or another.

Now I am going to go work on my pictures. I will be back later.

Finished my pictures, I don’t have nearly as many as I thought I did. O well. We also played Rummicub, Gwen and Mom and I, it was fun. I won once and Gwen won once. Well I really have to go now.

I briefly mentioned bruises from the moped on the WW booktalk thread and so now they want an explanation, so I decided to type it here and then just copy and paste.

So a moped has a kickstand, like a motorcycle, you start the moped, then get on, rock forward and the moped comes off the kickstand, then you can ride. However, mopeds don’t have a reverse gear. So I started the moped, got on it, rocked forward so the kickstand was up, then I had to walk it backwards to get out of the parking space I was in. As I was walking backward, I hit my foot against the kickstand! That was bruise number one.

Then right before we turned in the moped and scoot-car, we stopped to put gas in them, they want them returned with a full tank. So we stopped to get gas, had to turn them off for that, then started them again. The moped has a kick-start, after you start it, you turn the little foot part toward the front then push it against the moped so it is out of the way. The gas station is around the corner from the rental place and I forgot to put the kick-start away. I was driving behind my dad and mom in their scoot-car and when we pulled into the rental place, somehow I lost control a little, I might have given it too much gas. I kind of swerved toward the fence and put my feet down cause I thought I was going to fall or hit the fence and banged my leg, yes you guessed it, against the kick-start I had forgotten to put away. Other than that, the only problems I had was the first time I had to start it on my own I couldn’t, my dad had to, I kept forgetting to turn off my turn signal and the crosswind kept trying to blow me off the road. All in all, I had a blast!

I had a really cute title

all ready in my head and now I cannot remember what it was. So I will say good bye for now. We are going to San Juan Island, right now we are waiting for Gigi to get here.

It turned out to be a beautiful day today, the day we picked to go to San Juan Island, the rain cleared up completely by the time we got there and by the time we got to Susie’s mopeds it was sunshiny. Mom & Dad & Gwen & Gigi went in the little cars and I rode a moped. We or I saw a sign ‘fox pups crossing’ & mom and dad had a deer run in front of them, or maybe behind. It was a lot of fun, now we are playing rhyme or reason so I should go. I played a little then I went to get a snack. I got Corn Pops (the cereal).

Right now Gwen and Gigi and Mom (I think Mom is in there) are watching Nancy Drew and I am putting songs on Gwen’s MP3 player. I don’t really want to watch the movie, and this way, Gwen is not mad at me for being on the computer. We had lunch at Friday’s Crab House and she had scallops so she is having a great time eating all this seafood.

Call me stupid, again.

When I gave Gwen the t-pm I didn’t stop to think that it might re-act badly with the other medicine she takes. Sometimes I am a total moron.

It is ok. The medicine in the T-pm is the same as the beneydryl which M said Gwen could take to get to sleep. She is feeling fine now. So I feel better too.

So Gigi, Gwen and I went to Seattle today, we started at Pike Place Market and shopped then walked to the Space Needle and Shopped some more. It was a fun day.

We also had dinner at Tammy’s, everyone brought a dish. T was wearing the necklace I made for her. She said J really liked it to. I will talk more later I have to go to bed now.

Washington is wet

Drove up Mt Baker, but couldn’t go all the way up because of the snow, then we went to a buffet for lunch and now I have an upset stomach and I am also mad at my niece but I am more mad at myself for being so stupid.

So we haven’t done much else today. The rain and cold temperatures are pretty much ruining my plans. T came over with A, T gave me As school picture, with a cute smile and now her front teeth are gone. A and Gigi had fun beating each other with pillows and the like, Right now Gwen is lying down and I am in my parents living room so she can have some quiet.

Tonight is meeting. My mom is making up some dinner and Gigi is reading on the couch. Now she is up here and we are comparing what our siblings call us. Of course my sibling is her mother. Earlier today she called me Bella, but I don’t think she realizes it.

Meeting is over and I am doing some laundry. I am planning on making some tea and eating some cottage cheese before I go to bed. Gwen did not go to the meeting, she was walking around needing to sleep but couldn’t. My mom had some Tylenol PM so I gave her two and now she is sleeping like a log. I hope she feels better because Gigi and I and her were planning on going to Seattle tomorrow. I can’t remember what else I was going to say.