Drove up Mt Baker, but couldn’t go all the way up because of the snow, then we went to a buffet for lunch and now I have an upset stomach and I am also mad at my niece but I am more mad at myself for being so stupid.

So we haven’t done much else today. The rain and cold temperatures are pretty much ruining my plans. T came over with A, T gave me As school picture, with a cute smile and now her front teeth are gone. A and Gigi had fun beating each other with pillows and the like, Right now Gwen is lying down and I am in my parents living room so she can have some quiet.

Tonight is meeting. My mom is making up some dinner and Gigi is reading on the couch. Now she is up here and we are comparing what our siblings call us. Of course my sibling is her mother. Earlier today she called me Bella, but I don’t think she realizes it.

Meeting is over and I am doing some laundry. I am planning on making some tea and eating some cottage cheese before I go to bed. Gwen did not go to the meeting, she was walking around needing to sleep but couldn’t. My mom had some Tylenol PM so I gave her two and now she is sleeping like a log. I hope she feels better because Gigi and I and her were planning on going to Seattle tomorrow. I can’t remember what else I was going to say.