all ready in my head and now I cannot remember what it was. So I will say good bye for now. We are going to San Juan Island, right now we are waiting for Gigi to get here.

It turned out to be a beautiful day today, the day we picked to go to San Juan Island, the rain cleared up completely by the time we got there and by the time we got to Susie’s mopeds it was sunshiny. Mom & Dad & Gwen & Gigi went in the little cars and I rode a moped. We or I saw a sign ‘fox pups crossing’ & mom and dad had a deer run in front of them, or maybe behind. It was a lot of fun, now we are playing rhyme or reason so I should go. I played a little then I went to get a snack. I got Corn Pops (the cereal).

Right now Gwen and Gigi and Mom (I think Mom is in there) are watching Nancy Drew and I am putting songs on Gwen’s MP3 player. I don’t really want to watch the movie, and this way, Gwen is not mad at me for being on the computer. We had lunch at Friday’s Crab House and she had scallops so she is having a great time eating all this seafood.