>I didn’t really want to do another post today, but sometimes that is necessary, we went to the meeting this morning and then lunch, then Gwen said she was tired and the onion rings were making her sick. So my dad came home, now he is in his computer room, Gwen is sleeping and my mom and I are in the living room. I just finished a delicious mocha she made for me and she is reading the paper while I type this. My dad had mentioned going to Deception Pass but I guess he didn’t want to go that badly. I really don’t care one way or another.

Now I am going to go work on my pictures. I will be back later.

Finished my pictures, I don’t have nearly as many as I thought I did. O well. We also played Rummicub, Gwen and Mom and I, it was fun. I won once and Gwen won once. Well I really have to go now.