Had an adventure coming home, will post details later.
>^. .^<

We left the house when my Dad said we should, not when my Mom said we should. So guess who was right? We were standing in line and waiting and waiting, then I went to the self service kiosk to see if I could use it. I didn’t think I could because there was no ticket number on the e-mail confirmation, but my Dad notices a ‘confirmation’ number, so I put that in and we got our boarding passes in time. We weren’t the last ones on the plane, but we were close to them. I got some really cool cloud pictures flying out of Seattle.

When we finally managed to get out of Seattle that is, our plane was delayed for an hour, we made up time flying to Atlanta, then got turned around in the airport, ended up at baggage claim so we had to go through airport security, by the time we got back into the Concourse area, where the gates are, our plane was long gone. So I called customer service, the next flight to Newburgh was at 8:45 p.m., and there were no seats, we would have to be on standby. That was not acceptable. So I asked about other destinations, there was a plane to Newark, NJ at 5:30 pm. That was better. She was going to charge me $170 per ticket, then she asked why I missed the plane. When I said our flight was delayed out of Seattle, she didn’t charge me.

So it seemed like things were getting better, then, the flight was canceled. Due to bad weather, but it was sunny in New Jersey, so what was up? Turns out there were thunderstorms in Georgia. So we now were leaving Atlanta and 8:20 pm and flying to Newark, NJ. We had to go to another gate. I had monster blisters by now. Don’t wear high heels, even if they are Crocs when flying. We get to the gate, the sign says 9:00 pm. The lady comes and says its wrong, but its not, in the meantime, we noticed that the new boarding passes have us sitting rows apart. Gwen is panicking and I am close behind her.

We haven’t eaten a real meal that day, just some wraps with cream cheese on the plane, so we go get dinner. Turns out to be pretty good. When we come back, the departure gate is changed again, so we start walking around the airport again. Then we get another gate after that, just for good measure. We finally get on the plane, the person sitting next to Gwen agrees to switch seats with me so that is one problem solved, looks like the last one. D and Stitch are there to pick us up in Newark, NJ and we get home Thursday, around 1:00 am. (Remember I have come back to type this) Now you know why the next post says SO HAPPY TO BE HOME!