slid off the journaling. I said slid instead of fell because slid is kind of passive, more passive than fell. You have to do something to fall, but to slide you can be sitting and just not stop yourself. Except I did stop myself, I was tired, so tired, and I asked myself, why do you have to write down your breakfast? You eat the same breakfast every morning, oatmeal and fruit, then I answered myself, because when you journaled before you lost 15 pounds. Weight that you gained back when you stopped journaling. This morning I was 138.8 pounds.

New shoes are killers. Here is a sneak peak at my new crocs, in my bag since I don’t want to wear them to and from work. Reason is this is day 2 I have worn them. I have a bandaid on my right foot under my big toe and first aid tape around my little toe. Left foot is doing ok so far. That was working until I went to lunch and put my Cleo crocs on, they messed the bandaid up so now there is a piece of first aid tape over the bandaid. I will get these broken in before July 23rd. Now my left little toe is saying it hurts.

My tummy is not very happy, if I have to run to the bathroom like I did at Target last night(we have had this discussion about something that happens to me and when I am in a public bathroom I hate it), I am going home. No joke.

I did not come home early. But I didn’t do anything when I got home. I just sat on my bed and read the second book I got last night. Now I have to go to bed.