And I cut out early, head was starting to hurt, actually, it was hurting most of the day, I couldn’t get it to stop, so now I am home and my head no longer hurts. Hmmm. So M is at Pam’s and Stitch and Gwen are home with me. I was thinking about going to Target to look at that purse again, but I think I will look on-line. Maybe find a bargain on E-Bay or Amazon. I took a picture of my Crocs to post on the Yahoo group site.

Yesterday before M had to get D at the airport we went shopping. Couldn’t really do a lot though. Gwen wanted some white tank tops to wear under her shirts and she needed some new bras. She didn’t know the size though, so we couldn’t just pick them up, she had to come with us and try them on. She got a couple of nice ones at Kohls. I got a long slip to replace the one I can’t find. It will turn up now I am sure. I got beige so when it does, I will have a white one and a beige one. I also got a pretty cotton nightgown and a red dress. Not exactly suitable for meetings but I wore it to the party for Bob, it is high enough neckline and long enough, but the shoulders are too bare for the meetings. It’s a baby doll style dress. I like it because it has no waistline so you can’t tell that I don’t have one. Now I have to go check the WW thread and then I think I am going to take a nap or do some online shopping.