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Before anyone jumps all over my shit, I know my definition of a bad day is nowhere near as bad as some people’s bad day. Some people have cancer, some people are abused, some people are homeless, have no healthcare, have no friends, voted for Trump and now realize he lied to them. OK that last group I have lost all sympathy for. If you are stupid enough to believe his lies, you deserve all the pain you get.

Whew. Today started good, no work, so no getting up early, in fact I didn’t get up to lunchtime. That’s when the shit hit the fan. It look like I had spilled coffee on my kitchen counter, but to the left of my sink and my coffee maker is to the right of my sink. Then I smelled the liquid and it smelled like vinegar, but I don’t have vinegar in my apartment because I am allergic to it. Then I thought, maybe I spilled beer, you know, maybe I poured a glass of beer, didn’t drink it and when I poured it out I missed the sink (could happen right?), so I started to clean it up, picking up the things on my counter and rinsing them and mopping up the spill, then I noticed it was all over the wall, and on the underside of my cabinets! What the actual FUCK happened here?

I had been boiling water to cook pasta for my lunch. I turned off the water, I cleared off my table, moved everything from my counters to the table and washed the counters and my wall. The liquid seemed to be coming from behind my kitchen cabinets. I looked above them and there were no stains so it wasn’t coming from the apartment above. That leaves only one explanation. Demons. My apartment is possessed by demons. I briefly considered calling my landlord, but decided against it.

Then I got diarrhea, while doing my laundry.


Cleaning with Bella

New York City is dirty. There is a fine black dust everywhere, I think it is the result of all those cars driving over all that asphalt. It comes in between the window and the frame and settles on the surfaces of my apartment. My windowsills are white and a week after I sweep up the dust they are black again.

The Tuesday night I cooked my lentils and the pot boiled over I didn’t want to clean it up. The stove was hot and the sink was full and so forth. Besides, I wasn’t working the next day so I would clean it then. I got up the next day and scrubbed off the dried up mess, then I wiped down the rest of the stovetop. As soon as the wet sponge came in contact with the fine black dust, it turned to black streaks on the stove. The black streaks annoyed me, I had to clean the whole stovetop now, which meant I had to take the burners off and wash them, but the sink was full of dishes.

Everything in my apartment is small, that means big jobs have to be done in stages. I washed as many dishes as would fit in my dish drain, then I had to stop and do something else until they dried. Then finish washing the rest, then I could take the burners off and put them in soapy water in the sink, then spray the stovetop and wipe it down. Then lift the top to see if anything had fallen through and needed to be cleaned up. So now the stove was nice was clean. The counters looked dingy next to it. I’m pretty sure you can guess what had to happen next. Moving everything aside, spraying and wiping and moving back until the whole kitchen was bright and shiny. It’s amazing how long it takes to get such a small area clean.

Dear Co-Worker:

As you know I have the job of cleaning the refrigerator every Friday, that means I throw out leftovers and spoiled food. I find it hilarious that this is my responsibility, my refrigerator at home has beer, energy drinks, pitcher of water and a carton of milk in it. Even more hilarious is despite being a single girl living alone in Manhattan whose idea of ‘gourmet’ cooking is stirring a spoonful of hot sauce into her boxed macaroni and cheese, I apparently know more about food storage than you do.

For instance, I know that if you leave strawberries in the refrigerator for three weeks they get all this nice gray fuzz on them. Except its not nice, IT’S DISGUSTING!

It is probably a good thing I don’t know who you are, since you would probably have found moldy strawberries in your desk on Monday. So to keep things nice it would be better if you didn’t come to my desk and complain about the fact that I threw out your berries. We really don’t want to find out if I actually took my Workplace Violence training to heart.

Love, ME

More postcards

~ or ~

More proof that I have completely lost my mind.

Dear hair,

Could you please, when you fall out of my head, not twist and tie up into little tangles that look like spiders?

You scare me.

Love, Me

Dear little gold hoop with the butterfly,

Please come out of hiding. Your twin misses you.

I thought when I took out of the box and put you in my ear you would understand that meant I liked you and wanted to show you off. I did not want you to jump out and hide.

If you don’t come out of hiding soon, I will be forced to go to the Diamond District and sell your twin. Yes I will.

Love (for now), ME

Dear Netti pot,

I love you, and I hate you.

That is all.

Love (and Hate) ME

Coffee grounds

When I moved into my apartment I bought a Keurig. I figured it would pay for itself with the money I would save by not stopping at Starbucks every morning. I was buying K-cups for a while, then decided to get a filter. I just started using the filter this week.

The coffee was more then I expected but when I figured out the price per cup, I would save 40¢ a cup. Now I had the problem of what to do with the coffee grounds, since with the K-cups you just toss them out.

After doing some extensive research (I went to and typed in ‘Coffee grounds down the drain’) I discovered that some people said you shouldn’t dump grounds in the drain, others said they had been doing for years with no problem, a couple of plumbers said, go ahead and dump grounds down the drain (Ka-ching!). I live in an apartment and am probably not the only one drinking coffee so I wouldn’t be the only suspect, but it wouldn’t be very nice.

As for putting them in the garden (did I mention I live in a 4th floor walk-up?) I don’t have a garden, I don’t even have a window box, I don’t even know if my landlord would allow me to have a window box. My boss suggested I save them and put them in a park, but I am a little shy.

However the real problem is how to get them out of the filter without just rinsing them out and down the drain. This morning I ended up putting a paper towel in the sink over the drain and filtering them that way. I will have to settle for keeping as much as I can out of the drain.


It seems that since I have been living here I am doing more cleaning then I thought possible. I’m not talking about cleaning that I didn’t have to do before, I am talking about laundry. I have done two loads this week and I have another to do tomorrow. I was going to do it tonight but just didn’t get to it. This evening it seemed like all I did was wash nylons and soak my coat in preparation for going to the laundry tomorrow.

My coat was in one of the loads I did this week but it didn’t look clean. So I am soaking it in detergent and bleach and then I am going to wash it again and hope it looks a little brighter.

Can my life get any more exciting?

More Hurricane Irene

At the house where I used to live, the basement got flooded. Today I went up to help, since I did use to live there and my stuff did cause some problems. They all hate me now. (not really, or not anymore, some of them have gotten over it) I took a little video, you can also view it on YouTube along with the rest of my videos.

Nasty rainy Wednesday

It’s been said that a bad day at golf is better then a good day at work. Today would have been a very bad day at golf. It was raining and nasty, cold too. So was it better for me then going to work? Well lets see ….

Lunch was at 12:30 p.m. so I had to get up at 11:00 a.m., so I could go get a latte from the coffee shop. Then I got a free lunch at Panera. I was home when the UPS guy delivered my new Yankee jacket that I ordered from the MLB store, but it was nasty and rainy!

The afternoon was a series of frustrations. While at lunch I got hummus on my shirt so I had to wash it when I got home. Yes even me, the gigantic slob, know you have to wash your clothes when you get food on them. So I got some clothes together and put them in the washer. I started straightening up my room, actually I was looking for something. Anyway, …..

First Fred called, he wanted me to come get him at Ron’s and ‘bring money’. So I did that, of course it wasn’t a quick trip because he wanted ice cream from Ron’s, and not just a quick cone of ice cream, it had to be something that had to be made. When I got home I put my ice cream in the freezer because I had clothes to take care of. First I had to put my dry clothes away, then hang up the wet clothes.

As I started to put away clothes I got a text from Gwen, she needed someone to take her to the laundrymat to dry the towels. So I did that, of course I couldn’t just drop her off, I had to stay with her.

When I finally got home and got done, I got my ice cream out of the freezer to eat it. Of course by then it was dinner time so I got a glare from Em for eating ice cream instead of ‘real food’. I didn’t let it bother me. Would you?

And that’s all, says she. 😛

Sunday we rested

or at least that was the plan, but my head was splitting, and wouldn’t you know I would find more stuff to throw out. Then I went to get coffee, and got yelled at because “Tigger needed the car.” I was confused since I thought that the car was mine on the weekends but now I guess that has changed. If the boys need the car they get it.

It made me mad, I get mad when the rules get changed and nobody tells me. I cried the rest of the day. Which of course made my eyes red and swollen and made my head ache. I was going to quit all my games on Words with Friends, but @alisonfaye wouldn’t let me. That kind of made me realize that no matter what other people do, in the end, I decide the course of my life. I did however cut Tigger’s iTunes allowance in half. If he can use my car whenever he wants, why should I give him so much money?

At the laundromat

If you follow me on twitter, you might think I live there. You have probably read that tweet many times. I don’t check in on Foursquare there, mainly because I haven’t been able to find it. I also joked the last time I was there that the lady told me rent was due next week.

Here’s the story, we have a washer. It is practically brand new, one of the high efficiency washers. Front load with a compartment for your soap and buttons and all kinds of fancy stuff. We love it. My mother called me the other day and she has one too, but she doesn’t like hers. However, we don’t have a dryer. D and Em just decided we didn’t need one, I agreed with them. During the summer and fall it was fine not having a dryer, now that it’s winter, and I’m wearing socks, it seems I am at the laundromat every day drying clothes. I’m not really and I am sure not having the dryer saves money, we still hang up most of our clothes to dry, but I really don’t like trudging to the laundromat when it’s cold and the ground is muddy.

When I move, I’ll probably have to wash and dry my clothes at a laundromat, so I should probably just shut up about this.

On another note, I have decided to start doing my ‘feature’, “Check Out This Blog”. There is one below you can take a quick peek at. All links that I put on my blog are checked out by me and safe.