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Nasty rainy Wednesday

It’s been said that a bad day at golf is better then a good day at work. Today would have been a very bad day at golf. It was raining and nasty, cold too. So was it better for me then going to work? Well lets see ….

Lunch was at 12:30 p.m. so I had to get up at 11:00 a.m., so I could go get a latte from the coffee shop. Then I got a free lunch at Panera. I was home when the UPS guy delivered my new Yankee jacket that I ordered from the MLB store, but it was nasty and rainy!

The afternoon was a series of frustrations. While at lunch I got hummus on my shirt so I had to wash it when I got home. Yes even me, the gigantic slob, know you have to wash your clothes when you get food on them. So I got some clothes together and put them in the washer. I started straightening up my room, actually I was looking for something. Anyway, …..

First Fred called, he wanted me to come get him at Ron’s and ‘bring money’. So I did that, of course it wasn’t a quick trip because he wanted ice cream from Ron’s, and not just a quick cone of ice cream, it had to be something that had to be made. When I got home I put my ice cream in the freezer because I had clothes to take care of. First I had to put my dry clothes away, then hang up the wet clothes.

As I started to put away clothes I got a text from Gwen, she needed someone to take her to the laundrymat to dry the towels. So I did that, of course I couldn’t just drop her off, I had to stay with her.

When I finally got home and got done, I got my ice cream out of the freezer to eat it. Of course by then it was dinner time so I got a glare from Em for eating ice cream instead of ‘real food’. I didn’t let it bother me. Would you?

And that’s all, says she. 😛

Once again I have a Wednesday off where I didn’t get to do what I wanted to do. Well, I managed to get a work-out in, and for that my legs are now killing me, which tells me I need to do this more often.

So lets run through my day, first I got up earlier then I wanted to drive Tigger to school. Then I stopped at Panera to get breakfast and do some blogging with my iPod. My mistake here was checking into Facebook, which let Tigger know where I was, which led him to send me a message asking for him to bring him food from Panera. Which I did, but it took longer then I wanted because there was an accident on Route 9 that had two lanes shut down. Then I came home, got my stuff together and went to Allsport, had a nice workout and shower. Felt good!

My plan was then to go to the library and go online. But the library I went to doesn’t have wifi. The reason I wanted to go online at the library was I knew I wouldn’t be interrupted at the library. Which happened when I came home. I feel like I am an evil person if I send Gwen away even though she says she doesn’t mind. But she is so BORED!! So I put Sims in the computer, but before we could play any Tigger sends me a text message that he needs to be picked up.

After I got home I once again sat down to come online and once again was interrupted, this time to go to the grocery store for Em. And now that I am here, all I can remember of what I was going to say is …. nothing.

And that’s all, says she.

And the week ends

With me still sick, it is a full blown cold with stuffed up head, trouble breathing, aches etc. Except I have a slight fever, which is not normal with a cold. I am soldiering on though, being a little tough girl.

Today was pretty much the usual routine, church, lunch at Panera, taking care of garbage and oh yes, the continuing marathon of White Collar, courtesy of iTunes (and my Visa card).

Ok, so I am not good at titles. Is anybody reading this? I am taking a break from work and reading about the cyclone that hit Myanmar. The suspected death toll is up to 22,000, the rice was wiped out, there is no clean water, there are about 100,000 homeless and the military government won’t let the aid people in, this after requesting aid. By the way this is just my take on the situation after reading a news article. The reality may vary. Tonight I need to come online and clean these last few posts up. I think by now I have 100 posts.

I am at Panera and wouldn’t you know as soon as I get settled and go online Gwen sends me a text “im done” so I have to fly.

M had a mammo and now is stressed about an abnormality they found. She is making her jokes to cover, like she does. She is channeling Hawkeye from M.A.S.H.

Tigger is driving me crazy wanting to find the outback song. He tried doing a capture but I made him stop because we were watching NCIS and the show came back on. Now I have to go check my e-mail and download some free songs from Amazon.

How Now Brown Cow.

I get tired sometimes of trying to think of titles for my posts. I went to the gym today, well M and I went to the gym. Then we went to Panera for hot cocoa. We also went out in service today. Only for 30 minutes. If I made New Years Resolutions I would make one to go out in service every month.

This evening when I came downstairs to go to bed my phone starting going off. M, Tigger and Tigger(with D’s phone) sent me text messages all at once. They thought it was hilarious. They also blamed it on Sassy.

Well, now I am going to bed.