Ok, so I am not good at titles. Is anybody reading this? I am taking a break from work and reading about the cyclone that hit Myanmar. The suspected death toll is up to 22,000, the rice was wiped out, there is no clean water, there are about 100,000 homeless and the military government won’t let the aid people in, this after requesting aid. By the way this is just my take on the situation after reading a news article. The reality may vary. Tonight I need to come online and clean these last few posts up. I think by now I have 100 posts.

I am at Panera and wouldn’t you know as soon as I get settled and go online Gwen sends me a text “im done” so I have to fly.

M had a mammo and now is stressed about an abnormality they found. She is making her jokes to cover, like she does. She is channeling Hawkeye from M.A.S.H.

Tigger is driving me crazy wanting to find the outback song. He tried doing a capture but I made him stop because we were watching NCIS and the show came back on. Now I have to go check my e-mail and download some free songs from Amazon.