or at least that was the plan, but my head was splitting, and wouldn’t you know I would find more stuff to throw out. Then I went to get coffee, and got yelled at because “Tigger needed the car.” I was confused since I thought that the car was mine on the weekends but now I guess that has changed. If the boys need the car they get it.

It made me mad, I get mad when the rules get changed and nobody tells me. I cried the rest of the day. Which of course made my eyes red and swollen and made my head ache. I was going to quit all my games on Words with Friends, but @alisonfaye wouldn’t let me. That kind of made me realize that no matter what other people do, in the end, I decide the course of my life. I did however cut Tigger’s iTunes allowance in half. If he can use my car whenever he wants, why should I give him so much money?