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Car trouble

So the only problem with Stitch using my car is he doesn’t always feel like coming to get me and if D comes to get me he is always late. Tonight, not only was he late, but he didn’t stop where I was waiting but drove around to the other side and so I had to walk over and then he says any longer I was going to drive home. Like I have to wait 10 minutes in the cold rain and he can’t wait 1 minute.

Today was roll call for the exercise police. A day for regular posters to introduce themselves.

Hi all. Finally got back. Here is my introduction, I copied FloZ and changed it to fit my life.

Name…Suzibellr, the Suzibell is what my maternal grandfather called me. R is for Rachel, my middle name, Suzibell was not available. In real life I am known as Suzanne or Rachel. The family I live with calls me Suzi. My ‘pop star’ name is Nikki Foxx.
Age: 39 or 45
Home:, Beacon, NY; 70 miles north of New York City on the majestic Hudson River in the Mid Hudson Valley, across said river from Newburgh.
Occupation: I am employed by the State of New York, I work in Queens, NY.
Family: No husband or children of my own. Had a dog once, a cat once, a hamster once. Currently living with my best friend and her family. It has been so long her children think I am related. Her children are 20, 18, 15 and 13, all have bi-polar disorder to varying degrees, 2 have aspergers syndrome, 1 is ADHD, 1 was diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder.
Pets and Hobbies: In the house I live in there are 2 cats, Butterscotch and Sassy, 2 parrots, Woodstock and Petie (was Peter until we got Woodstock and then Pete laid an egg, literally) 1 guinea pig named Katie. I love reading, gardening (except I am terrified of poison ivy), cross stitch, jewelry making, knitting and crocheting.

More snippets

Hi there my message yesterday got cut off because I had to many characters. Now I forgot what I was going to say. Something about DMR’s, this one got cut off to, not as soon cause I took out the “Bella >^. .^<"

We were laughing at people sneaking books into the bathroom to read them. I suppose that is better then sneaking into the bathroom so the boss doesn’t see you crying. Then lying to him when he says “I know you are mad at me.” I mean, what am I supposed to say, “Yes, and I have been in the bathroom crying I am so mad at you.”