Stitch passed his test. Then he hurt his foot so he couldn’t drive. Tomorrow when he gets home from college he is driving my car home from the train station. He is nervous, more nervous than me and its my car.

I had a melt down the day M came home from Florida. I don’t think anyone noticed. Maybe Tigger, but I don’t think he grasped the significance of it. I took Stitch to get his hair cut and to lunch, and had to pay for it myself so I was upset. While we were gone, D took Tigger and got him an orange enV. So when we got home Tigger got in my car before I got out, took the phone out but I didn’t notice it was an enV. So then he called me stupid, which got me upset. So I texted him, so I’m stupid leave me alone. After a couple of texts saying the same thing, he got the idea I was upset so apologized. But by then I was under my blankets bawling.

I had to take out two books from my list because I have not finished them yet but have finished other books.