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Things going on today have left me in a bad mood. I started off with a headache I still have. I overhead some unflattering comments about me from M. The kids were fighting before M’s family got here and caused her more stress. They got in, I don’t know when, I was sulking in the basement. I didn’t get any sewing done, I wanted to but couldn’t. I made my necklace. I will take a picture of it for later. I used some leftover beads from the necklace I made for Gwen and some new beads I ordered. Right now I am watching murder by the book instead of going to bed like I should. I need to brush my teeth and go to bed, except I just heated some water to drink.

I also got my period today. So that is something else to bug me. I tried to order some contacts from 1800 contacts but the prices are wrong. I need to send them another e-mail to explain what I meant.

This is the book I just finished. I have become obsessed with reading all the books in the series.


Lost thoughts

I had something I was going to say, I remember thinking, I have to e-mail this to my blog so I can remember it, but that is all I remember. I don’t remember if I thought of something while waiting for the traffic on the bridge or a thought about the girl on the subway with her pants tied into her shoelaces. Or that I tried Fage yogurt for the first time today.

I have been reading British and Scottish authors and I think I am starting to think like them.

I was so mad last night about the governor, and today I have regained my calm. I keep telling myself, this is why man is not meant to rule.

From a Message board post:

Right before Spitzer’s wife stood up beside him I bet she told him, “You think you paid a lot to get screwwed by that hookker? Wait until my lawyers are done with you.”

At least that’s what I would have said.

Todays News

The Governor has been linked to a prostitution ring. This makes me mad, and I have no idea why. I shouldn’t care, but I do, I’m angry.

Stitch loves driving

So I suppose I should say why I am mad at the Booktalk Posters. I was feeling like they were acting like a bunch of old ladies, I said Sassy had surgery and no one posted anything, normally they are all huggy, nothing, then I mention Abby and they are throwing advise at me like I asked for it! Well no thanks.

Now Stitch loves driving. It is his favorite thing. Well not really. D’s van has not been running so I have been getting dropped off and picked up and Stitch has driven my car almost every day this week. He even drove over the bridge and in Newburgh, while he was following D. It is almost scary.

Cell phone text snippits.

We were laughing at people sneaking books into the bathroom to read them. I suppose that is better then sneaking into the bathroom so the boss doesn’t see you crying. Then lying to him when he says “I know you are mad at me.” I mean, what am I supposed to say, “Yes, and I have been in the bathroom crying I am so mad at you.”


Anger is such a destructive emotion. I didn’t go to the gym last night because I was angry. I ate a peanut candy bar Thursday because I was angry. I am at the library right now. My computer at home is working but I needed to get out. I was cleaning my room, cause I am angry and needed a break. I went to Asian Ginger for lunch then walked here. After I finish checking my WW posts I will get my book and go home. First I need to rest.