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Well, it is late and I really should be in bed. I went on WW but couldn’t think of anything to say. I need to go on Amazon to post a review of the book I just bought, but I don’t feel like it. I really have no idea what I wanted to post here, I just need to make long posts. I discussed this before.

I posted pictures of Abigail on Yahoo Booktalk and everyone thinks Abby is beautiful. One woman called Sassy a calico, humph. One who couldn’t open the Yahoo site I e-mailed the pics to, one of Abby and one of Sassy. She said Abby had beautiful markings and asked if Sassy was a torti. So some do know what is what. I also emailed the pictures to B___. She said Abby was pretty and that she remember Sassy, ‘she must be getting up there in years’. She is indeed. That reminds me of something I need to do before I go to bed.

I went to post a comment on my vacw’s website, but then I realized it would give him a link to this blog, so I deleted it.

Well, I think I have said enough. Good-bye for now.

Stitch loves driving

So I suppose I should say why I am mad at the Booktalk Posters. I was feeling like they were acting like a bunch of old ladies, I said Sassy had surgery and no one posted anything, normally they are all huggy, nothing, then I mention Abby and they are throwing advise at me like I asked for it! Well no thanks.

Now Stitch loves driving. It is his favorite thing. Well not really. D’s van has not been running so I have been getting dropped off and picked up and Stitch has driven my car almost every day this week. He even drove over the bridge and in Newburgh, while he was following D. It is almost scary.