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Good-bye February

This is how the month ends, with me scrambling to get one last post in before midnight. And you know what? I made it. I’m just going to post some random thoughts. Some may be disturbing.

Lawyer: California pair admit kidnapping Jaycee Dugard for 18 years You have probably heard about this case, if you haven’t (like perhaps you have been living under a rock) a brief recap. When Jaycee Dugard was 11 years old she was snatched from the street in front of her home in South Lake Tahoe, California. Authorities say the Garridos held Dugard in a hidden compound behind their home for 18 years. This Lawyer, who is the lawyer for the the wife not the husband, says they have made full confessions to this crime, but at this time have not offered any pleas. Of the woman the lawyer says: that it is “a classic example of really lousy taste in men,”. UGGG, I hate lawyers.

Most of the time I am a little excited and nervous and anxious for my move. Other days, I just can’t wait to get out of this house! Today was one of those days.

My VACW is leaving. He got a job offer in Montana. I am devastated (now where is that sarcasm font?) So now I can talk about him. Natter Natter Natter. I don’t thing I could have taken another year of him coming over every day for the game score and then listening to him tell me how much the Yankees suck this year. I would have committed a felony (as in I would have fucking killed him).


Herman has gone too far

Cold, gray damp morning has changed to raining buckets. I was going to the deli but changed my mind and came to the diner, it wasn’t just the rain but the wind was blowing like crazy. Huh, now the sun is shining. Go figure.

Finished Playing with Fire on the way home from work. I am going to try to write a review but not right now. I am just going to insert the picture and then go do some errands. I had to restrict the viewing of this blog. I was so mad this morning I almost cursed at H. I am going now to make my previous posts visible since he won’t be able to see them anymore. I hope.

Yes so now only people I invite can view this blog, that means the ladies on BTF that have been reading it can no longer do so. Well, I got an AOL e-mail address and created a Google account with that and they can use that if they want to.

Playing with Fire starts with an arson, two people died. It turns into a murder investigation when it is discovered that one of the victims was drugged with a date-rape drug. The other victim was unintended. Then there is another fire, also murder. There is also follow up with the boyfriend of the other victim, investigation into allegations of abuse, Peter Robinson does a good job of continuing the two story lines in a logical manner. The characters are not cookie cutter and are very believable. He must do an incredible amount of research. I also like that each novel in the series feels like a stand-alone. He does not do the same plot, same ending, different guest stars with each book in the series.


VACW stands for very annoying co-worker and it is Herman, he knows who he is. He is upset because someone has been putting plants in his pot and now he thinks I know who did it, I don’t but I know who had some cuttings from the big tree that used to be in the stairwell, the big tree that scared me, but I am not telling him, why? So he can go annoy them? If he thinks he can get me to tell he doesn’t know me at all.

I was going to say something else and it totally slipped my mind when I had to sign back in.

OK so the VACW is upset about this post and wants me to delete it, I said “No.” He says he will post a comment. Fine. He can do what he wants. He has been coming to my desk all day, now he wants an upgrade, he wants to be the EACW. Extremely Annoying Co-Worker.

Talk about annoying, Fred’s friends are under the deck and screaming by my window and it is annoying me. Alot, mainly I am afraid to change my clothes with them lurking about outside. M. was telling about the seniors pulling a prank and that it got interrupted by the police, they were going to use plastic forks to make 2008. However, someone ruined the flowers by the flagpole, that is just mean.

Finished this book today, another good novel by Peter Robinson.

Trouble posting

I sent WW an e-mail because I couldn’t post anything. I am sure others did too. In fact, I know M.L. did, she posted about it.

Herman sent me an e-mail, he said that even though I deleted my post, my name was still there. I kind of thought that might happen. I was hoping he wouldn’t look at his blog. He also sent e-mails to Selvin and Jean. He told Jean that he knows I think he’s annoying. Well, he would have to be very stupid not to have noticed that.

Tonight I was planning on going to work out. I didn’t get to Wednesday, but I don’t really want to go into the reason why. I will go tomorrow. All I want to do right now is go to sleep, but I know that is not a good idea.

My tummy is not happy, I mentioned it to Pam and she asked why, so I told her, “I mixed chocolate and beer last night.” I won’t be doing that again!

The comma key has started to stick, it sometimes takes two or three tries before it types.


Someone told me that you should be careful what you post. That person was right. How do I know this? Well he posted a comment on my blog about something I said about him! Tee Hee. It wasn’t a really bad thing I said, he probably doesn’t even know what I meant. Unfortunately it was on a Salada Tag Line post so I deleted it. I say unfortunately because now, no matter what I say, he will say I deleted it because he commented on it. However, if he looks to the right, he will see that I have a list of Salada Tag lines and that post was a temporary post until I got time to put it on my list.

I stayed home tonight, not feeling well, actually it was the timing of when I felt bad, now I don’t feel so bad. Not great though. But when I felt bad was when I was time to get dressed so I couldn’t get ready.

I still haven’t ordered more beads to make my necklace. I did renew my Medic Alert membership and order a new bracelet, one to wear on vacation since I don’t want to risk breaking and losing my beaded one. The one I ordered is teal on stainless steel.

Well I think I will go now.

Bye Bye Herman

Well, it is late and I really should be in bed. I went on WW but couldn’t think of anything to say. I need to go on Amazon to post a review of the book I just bought, but I don’t feel like it. I really have no idea what I wanted to post here, I just need to make long posts. I discussed this before.

I posted pictures of Abigail on Yahoo Booktalk and everyone thinks Abby is beautiful. One woman called Sassy a calico, humph. One who couldn’t open the Yahoo site I e-mailed the pics to, one of Abby and one of Sassy. She said Abby had beautiful markings and asked if Sassy was a torti. So some do know what is what. I also emailed the pictures to B___. She said Abby was pretty and that she remember Sassy, ‘she must be getting up there in years’. She is indeed. That reminds me of something I need to do before I go to bed.

I went to post a comment on my vacw’s website, but then I realized it would give him a link to this blog, so I deleted it.

Well, I think I have said enough. Good-bye for now.