I sent WW an e-mail because I couldn’t post anything. I am sure others did too. In fact, I know M.L. did, she posted about it.

Herman sent me an e-mail, he said that even though I deleted my post, my name was still there. I kind of thought that might happen. I was hoping he wouldn’t look at his blog. He also sent e-mails to Selvin and Jean. He told Jean that he knows I think he’s annoying. Well, he would have to be very stupid not to have noticed that.

Tonight I was planning on going to work out. I didn’t get to Wednesday, but I don’t really want to go into the reason why. I will go tomorrow. All I want to do right now is go to sleep, but I know that is not a good idea.

My tummy is not happy, I mentioned it to Pam and she asked why, so I told her, “I mixed chocolate and beer last night.” I won’t be doing that again!

The comma key has started to stick, it sometimes takes two or three tries before it types.