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What was it?

We saw this skeleton when we were walking along the railroad tracks. You know the ones that go between Groveville and Route 52. Tigger took this picture. I told him that was gross, you are so morbid, please make sure you send it to me!



This is my 69th post on this blog. I don’t know how many were on my other.

Today started like any other Saturday, I went to Lily’s this morning. Then came home, then I sent a text message to M asking about going to Allsport. She wasn’t sure, but then Tigger asked about taking him to Outback to meet M. I called her and she said Outback or Chili’s, so we ended up at Chili’s, Fred wanted to come. Anyway, I ate one of their new bacon cheeseburgers, sooo good, but way to much! Then we each had a sweet shot for dessert. Fred and Tigger each had a chocolate one. I had the cheesecake and M had the apple.

M took Fred home and I took Tigger to Staples so he could play with “his” new PDA. I bought some Sharpie retractable marker and hi-lighters. I missed the bank so I couldn’t cash that huge check from the insurance company. M & D were gone when we got home, I did this and that, checked my e-mail and saw that the schedule on the flight to Washington was changed and so I had to call. They had allowed us 15 minutes to change planes in Atlanta. So I called them to change it. The new time makes it easier for my parents.

Then Gwen, Tigger and me went for a walk. We ended up at the creek, then walked back home along the railroad tracks. We saw some old cars, a microwave, a TV, an air conditioner, some lawn furniture, an animal skeleton. Then Tigger wanted to keep walking until we got to Glenham. We didn’t and my legs were hurting when we got home.

Right now on the BTF thread we are having a Cyber Road Trip. I have never seen the thread this busy, everybody is getting in on it! I just posted so I have to wait for the page to load to see what other craziness is going on.