I had something I was going to say, I remember thinking, I have to e-mail this to my blog so I can remember it, but that is all I remember. I don’t remember if I thought of something while waiting for the traffic on the bridge or a thought about the girl on the subway with her pants tied into her shoelaces. Or that I tried Fage yogurt for the first time today.

I have been reading British and Scottish authors and I think I am starting to think like them.

I was so mad last night about the governor, and today I have regained my calm. I keep telling myself, this is why man is not meant to rule.

From a Message board post:

Right before Spitzer’s wife stood up beside him I bet she told him, “You think you paid a lot to get screwwed by that hookker? Wait until my lawyers are done with you.”

At least that’s what I would have said.