Tigger said he would help me, now he is bailing on me.

I wanted to go to Target to check prices on things I found on Amazon.com. Tigger came with me, he wanted to go to Best Buy.

He couldn’t find what he wanted at Best Buy, so he asked to go to Circuit City. I wanted to go home, I told him, I have to get my garbage together and I want to do that before it gets late. He said he would help me. So we went to Circuit City.

When we got home and I said I was going to take care of my garbage, he ran upstairs. I hollered after him, “You said you would help me!” Still no Tigger.

After I got it all in the bag I sent him a text message, “U said u would help me if I took u to Circuit City. I need your help now.” So he came downstairs and put it in the garbage can outside for me.