Well, I am back, I had a very stressful day yesterday, with a collector calling and having to borrow money from my dad. I had gotten him and Mom a little booklet about the year 1954. Now I don’t think I will mail it. It seems kind of lame. And I still haven’t gotten a card for Karen and Carole. It is too late now. I will just have to write them.

I finished Atonement, of course you can see that by my list at left. I now have to decide what book to read next. I have to check the website. I have two books that I am reading, this will be a book to read on the train.

Coming home, I fell asleep, dropped my book, then when I got and was trying to gather my stuff I dropped my cell phone and it slid under the seat in front of me. I almost had to crawl on my hands and knees to get it.