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Very very cold yesterday. Very cold today. It also snowed.

I took some pictures of the puffer fish and sent them to Tigger. He loves our puffer fish. He thinks it is very cute.

I had my allergy shot and driving was bad, I slid across the road on the way home. I was so hungry. I didn’t really eat dinner. I had an asiago pretzel, a brownie, that’s all. I think I will either eat some cereal or go to bed.

I downloaded two more songs for Tigger. Yes I know, I am a sap. I paid for one and got the other with Pepsi points. I don’t mind because I usually put the songs on my MP3 player also.

I got ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ for my ringtone. I was tired of the other. Silly I know. Anyway, Tigger said I should get the whole song for my MP3 player.

Weird fish

The tank upstairs has puffer fish. Most of them died. They looked like this. One is real big and then there is a little one. I thought the big one had died. He was lying on his side at the bottom of the tank. But I was told he likes to lie like that. That he’s a ‘weird little critter’. I think he is quite ugly. Tigger thinks he is cute. I sent him this picture from my phone and he is quite happy now. This isn’t the fish in our tank, I got this from the web but he looks just like this. Puffer fish are carnivorous, I was also told they are fed frozen fish. I wonder how they thaw them out.