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>Tax day

>No it’s not April already, it is my tax day, I am sitting here with my computer getting ready to file. I am in New York which means I pay Federal and State taxes. I file on-line for the Federal and mail the State. The reason is, not only do I have to pay to file the State taxes, after they are filed electronically, I have to mail in the forms anyway and they don’t start processing the return until they receive the paper work. Kind of like how they do my expense reports. Except I don’t have to pay for them to process the expense report, and mine is being held up because I forgot a receipt and the person handling my claim sent me the request for the receipt the day before she went on vacation and no one else can process it. SIGH.

Other than that not much going on today. Em is going shopping to restock the freezer (yay) and I am just sitting around with a pain in my lower back.

I stayed home with Tigger and Gwen. We played Clue, she won one, he won one, I accused both of them of cheating. Then Gwen and I played Hangman. I was thinking of it because it was in the latest Dexter book. Neither one of us got hung, but it was close a couple times!


Hey there girlfriend.

Well, I did it. I got back to the gym and the nautilus machines. I kept the weights the same and I am sore today. But it is a good sore. Besides, that’s what they make Aleve for. Not much else of note for the weekend. M.L.’s husband is still in the hospital, I am guessing since she has not been in contact with anyone all weekend.

I went to Target and got a pair of casual pants for kicking around, lightweight for summer. Have plenty of sweat pants, but I don’t want to wear them in July! I also got a French Terry Skirt, should be down to my knees. I got the pants in Medium and the skirt in small. I didn’t get any more work out clothes, there was nothing I liked on the clearance rack.

This morning I mailed my state taxes. I have no idea why I waited this long to do so, I don’t think I have ever waited this long to mail them. Well, there was the one year I didn’t mail them at all. That was the year I was only getting a dollar back and they won’t send it to you unless you ask for it. So I just blew it off. This year I am getting $13 back.

This morning I weighed 139.6 pounds. I am not posting that on WW. I have decided I have to lose 10 pounds before I go to Washington. Two months, its doable, I just have to DO IT.

How Now?

Yesterday was the eclipse. And Stitch turned 21. He thought that was pretty neat.

Got my refund, now I can pay my back taxes. Joy.

This morning I was stupid, I couldn’t find my keys, looked all around, on the ground in my bed, finally took my other set. On the train, I finally found them in the bottom of my pocketbook.