Sunday morning I checked the weather and my e-mails like I do every morning. It’s easy with my iPod, just a push of the button, a couple finger taps and I am good to go.

At church that day they were talking about how we have always used the latest technology in our witnessing work and it got me to thinking about how different a little thing, like e-mail is from when I first started using it.

My first experience with e-mail was when I was working for DOCS. It was what is called a dedicated system, in that you could only e-mail other DOCS offices. At this time Juno was popular, it was an e-mail program installed on your computer. My father sent me the program and I had a modem to dial into Juno’s servers. It was sitting on my desk.

It was still sitting there, safe in it’s little box when I interviewed at DEC. One of the questions asked was if I was familiar with e-mail, ‘Oh yes.’ I replied, but as the conversation went on I realized they were talking about real e-mail. I got the job, I went home, put the modem in my computer, installed the program and learned how to use it.

Next was Earthlink, to go online and e-mail still with a dial-up modem and a modest monthly fee.

Today if I want to go online I turn on my laptop or use my iPod. No phone line needed just a router that several computers can use. And e-mail is free, I have 4 e-mail accounts.

Progress and change. In fact, I’m posting this from my iPod with the aid of an app called BlogPress.

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