Friday and Saturday were busy days that I am now paying for. While I rest I am going to try to catch up on my blogging.

Friday was spent in the city with Gwen. Em had a Groupon for bike rental in Central Park so we started off early. Even with stopping for breakfast (o.k. it was just coffee and yogurt at Starbucks) and walking we were there before the place opened. So we got strawberry tarts.

There is a bike path that bicycles are supposed to stay on with arrows pointing the direction you are supposed to ride in, I almost called one bicyclist a ‘dumbass’ right in front of Gwen. Oops. After I while I determined we were on the small loop, we wanted to get the whole park experience. We had the bikes for the whole day. This nice man with a poodle (a standard poodle, not one of the annoying midget versions) helped us figure out the way to get out of the circle, then he pointed to the far north part of the map, “Take the easy path over, you don’t want to go up or down this hill.” That sounded good to me, considering I can’t remember how long it had been since I had been on bike before Friday. It is true however, that you never forget.

When we spoke to this man we were between the Sheep Meadow and the Tavern on the Green, heading south, since we couldn’t turn around we continued south, looped around past the Carousel, the Mall and the Playfield to the exit for 72nd which is where the big loop starts. I knew I had made the right turn when the Loeb Boathouse came into view. Here is some very important information, when you see the sign for Belvedere Castle on the left side of the road and turn in, the way to Belvedere Castle is to the right, if you go on the path to the left (you should walk your bikes down here, its the law) you come to this building. Why is this important? This building at the edge of the Ramble, has bathrooms! Ladies to the left, Mens to the right. If you’re looking for it on the map, its the Ramble Shed.

We get back on the road and start riding and riding, I keep looking off to the left for the ‘easy’ trail, suddenly I notice we are riding next to Central Park West and ahead of us is the Great Hill. Gulp, oh boy. We made it, we conquered the Great Hill! We are amazing. We even rode the bikes on Broadway when we left to have lunch.

After we dropped the bikes off we did some shopping and stuff, but what made the day amazing was the bike ride in Central Park.