In preparation for the big move, because I don’t want to take a lot of useless junk, I am going through everything. Throwing things out like crazy. So all day Saturday that is what Gwen and I did.

We took a break to go to Sonic and then Borders, she checked her e-mail when we were at Sonic, (free wi-fi!) the Borders near us is closing, or has closed by now, and everything was on sale. I bought a couple of note books. One with a really pretty red rose on the front, two aluminum water bottles and Gwen got some DVD’s and notebooks. Two didn’t have prices on them so the clerk just said, “They’re yours.” and put them in the bag. Then we went up to Barnes and Noble, the cafe was closed and I hadn’t had any coffee yet. We also bought a couple things there.

Then it was back to cleaning, then after we were done throwing things out, I got to put the things I am keeping away. Of course now it is a lot easier.

Next weekend I will be cleaning another spot in my room.