You know what Smurfs are right? Well they were in my iPhone today. I can’t prove it because I couldn’t see them, but I know they were here.

One of the first things I do when I get to work is check my personal e-mail. Since our internet use is monitored, I check it on my iPhone. I have 5 e-mail accounts, checking them on my iPhone is easy because I have all the accounts synced and I can look at all of them at once. An error message was popping up that my user name or password was incorrect, for just one of the accounts; also I hadn’t changed my user name or password. Those two facts, that it was only one account and I hadn’t changed my password lead me to the only logical conclusion.


As soon as they realized I could still check my mail through the web browser on my iPhone, they gave up their little game and I was able to check through the e-mail icon. Can’t trust anyone whose natural color is blue. Just ask any Star Trek captain.